August 7, 2015


Last night was Jon Stewart's last show hosting "The Daily Show." 16 years he's been at the helm. I've literally grown up with him. He is my generation's Walter Cronkite. When news channels were all about scare tactics and flashy graphics, Jon Stewart was a refreshing voice who could take complex issues happening in our world and break it down for us.
It made me more politically conscious and I learned more from him than I did reading textbooks in school. I even credit him for passing International Relations class because I could find Afghanistan on a map. I know I'm writing this like he passed away or something but he was that prominent in my life. My parent's generation had a trusted news anchor they invited in to their home every night. Jon Stewart was that for us. The last show he brought back all the correspondents who have been on the show and it was tremendous to see all the talent that has been spawned from the show. He opted to keep things light-hearted and focused on the staff rather than himself but you could feel the genuine love among all of them as they said goodbye to Jon. And in true Jersey native fashion, he closed the show with Bruce Springsteen as his moment of zen.

We'll miss you Jon!

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