August 13, 2015

My Breakout Checklist

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I'm currently going through a bad breakout. Wearing more makeup than I usually do + late nights + not washing my face as thoroughly as I should + menstrual hormones = a bad combination! Here's the checklist I run through when dealing with a bad breakout:

- Get all the dirt out. I like to start with a good scrub to get all the dirt, grease & other nasty stuff from under my skin and bring it to the surface. But don't over do it (see further down the checklist).
- Zap those pimples! Once you bring all that dirt to the surface then it's time to zap it. I like Clean & Clear®'s Advantage® Acne Spot Treatment. Also, only do this for one to two nights in a row. Then it's best to let your breakout be.
- Use gentle products. Once I've done a thorough scrub then I move onto gentler products for a few days. Here are 5 items I use.
- Let your skin breathe. Try to wear minimal makeup. Make sure you clean it at night even if it's just a gentle wipe down with a toner or cleansing cloth. I find if I keep use strong products like the acne spot treatment for too long that it can backfire and make my skin worse.
- Avoid greasy foods. I know this can be especially difficult during that time of the month but do your best to avoid greasy foods and sugary beverages as this is can contribute to pimples.
- Change your pillowcase(s)! This is such a biggie for me. You should change it once a week. It really makes all the difference.

What else would you add?

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