August 21, 2015

Movie Reviews: Straight Outta Compton & Sneakerheadz

Straight Outta Compton - I was pretty damn excited to see this movie. You may have seen my own "Straight Outta Somewhere" poster on Instagram. I'm an East Coast girl who grew up with West Coast hip hop because when I was 12 my family moved from New Jersey to California. So I could not wait to see this!
Awesome music! Brought back fond memories. Casting Ice Cube's son could not have been more brilliant. He looks so much like him I felt like I was watching Cube 20 years ago. Huge props to all the young actors, amazing performances. I kind of wonder who's perspective this is written from because it seems to paint some people with better brush strokes than others. (Highly recommend you read this). Overall, it was an amazing story that needs to be told and took so long to. 5 stars!

Sneakerheadz - I'll take sneakers over heels any days. I'm more of a casual sneaker fan because I wear kid's shoes so all these cool collaborations don't come in kid sizes. Thankfully so because I'd be broke. But anyways... the documentary stars some famous faces as well as notorious "sneakerheads" who literally take overnight trips to Japan for a sneaker. That's dedication! It's now available in select theaters or VOD. If you like sneakers or fashion then you'll like this movie. I was envious of all the closets!

What movies have you watched recently?

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