July 28, 2015

What Podcasts I Listen To

It's the year of podcasts! So happy this medium has taken off because in a world where we need everything so instantaneous and only read headlines, it is hard to imagine long form content would become so wildly popular. But it has... giving me hope. Now there are podcasts about everything you can imagine. For this list, I'll stick to the podcasts I listen to on a consistent, weekly basis. It's a mix of politics, comedy & interviews so hopefully you find a new one to enjoy!

Citizen Radio - A daily, free podcast (EXTREMELY rare) that covers politics in a humorous way. It is a listener supported show and I've been a supporter for 3 years now. I also credit them with being part of the large wave convincing me to stay vegan. If you're interested in politics or hearing a humorous perspective about some terrible news then I recommend. It's how I get my day started.

WTF Marc Maron - The grandfather of podcasts. Marc Maron interviews comedians/actors/musicians and even the President in his garage. Much like bloggers, Marc's podcast has evolved as he has. He's a great interviewer but lately he's been exploring his musical passions so I haven't listened as consistently as I used to. There are new, free episodes every Monday and Thursday (the standard).

Nerdist - Chris Hardwick's nerd kingdom that interviews writers/celebs/comedians typically involved in a Marvel enterprise. It tends to be a few a week but it can vary. I only listen based on the guest because I'm not the biggest fan of their interviewing style. Nerdist is also house to plenty of other podcasts so you can explore.

You Made it Weird with Pete Holmes - One of Nerdist's podcasts. Pete Holmes temporarily had his own late night show and I grew fond of him. His podcast is a mix of him interviewing his comedy friends and then he's into exploring religious philosophies. I tend to skip the philosophers. New episodes are typically on Wednesdays or an occasional Friday live recording.

Bill Burr's Monday Morning Podcast - Kim has an affinity for cranky old men. Sadly, I must admit I had no idea he’s had a podcast for 4 years! It is called the Monday Morning Podcast as he was only doing Mondays but now there is also a Thursday checking in on ya podcast. It’s just Bill talking unlike most podcasts which are interviews. I often find myself choking on my water at work while listening to Bill lol. Watch one of his specials and determine if you like his humor first. Bill and his friend & fellow comedian, Al Madrigal, started their own podcasting network - All Things Comedy. I'm just starting to discover some there as well.

Struggle Bus Podcast - Found these ladies through Citizen Radio. It's bi-monthly but can vary. If you’re an introvert or have social anxiety or are just a feminist, they will make you feel less weird about yourself. There's also great discussions on Twitter to fill the void between the shows. It has made me nod my head in agreement SO much.

Also just got into RuPaul’s podcast Whats the Tee. How did I not know Ru had a podcast?! Unfortunately I don’t have iTunes at work so I have to catch up on the weekend.

My tip for discovering new podcasts is to follow your favorites on Twitter and see where they get interviewed. Podcasters love interviewing each other so that's been the best way for me to discover new podcasts.

P.S. Please DO NOT recommend Serial to me. I'm glad it turned many people on to podcasts but I will not be listening.

What podcasts do you listen to?

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