July 25, 2015

The Blog Turns 6!

Today is the SIX year Blogiversary of I Have A Degree In This! So crazy to me. I thank you all for continuing to read and support my blog all these years. I started this blog in college (hence the name) so since then I have achieved TWO degrees - a Bachelors and most recently a Masters. The blog has also changed and evolved over the years like many do because we the authors change.
I know there were blogs I read six years ago that I don't read anymore, some that aren't around anymore and some I continue to read! While I may not have the same time I once did to dedicate to this blog, I keep it going because I love the community and I also enjoy writing. I'm glad you continue to enjoy it and I'm grateful for every reader I get. Love you all!

And in one week I'll be turning 30 - lots of milestones this year!


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