July 23, 2015

My #NSale Purchases

Nordstrom's anniversary sale is going on and it is always a big blowout (unlike Amazon's Prime Day). I was definitely eyeing up a few trends and basics in my purchases. But I also tried to limit myself since I also had a lot of birthday shopping to do for my family. I only ended up with 4 things (which all miraculously fit!) but are all great staples:

1. Basic white tee. I've been needing one since most of mine are fading and/or stained. The downside of a white tee. This one came in petite so I picked it up. It's super soft and flowy so will be great in this humidity.

2. Flared jeans. Definitely an item on my list. I've been wanting a pair but feel like I'd wear them more for fall so didn't want to purchase too early. I had another size of these in my cart but they snagged so I went down a size. Thankfully they still fit since there is a stretch.

3. Another blogger shoe trend I gave into - leather slip-ons. I've decided they go with enough outfits that it was worth purchasing a pair. Plus, I wear kid shoes so they're cheaper. Booyah!

4. Jumpsuit. Kim is in love with jumpsuits! You may recall I wore one to my graduation. I got another one for my upcoming birthday dinner. But what's one more? It was a kid's size so I knew I wouldn't have to worry about hemming it. Could be a comfy thing to throw on.

I also noticed putting together the collage that the models are wearing similar pieces I ordered. The white tee girl is wearing medium wash flared jeans and the jumpsuit girl is wearing leather slip-ons. I'm so hip!

Did you shop the Nordstrom sale yet? What did you buy?

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