July 17, 2015

July TV Reviews

Another round up of what I'm watching this month! Glad you all enjoy TV as much as I do. From June, I'm still watching all the shows except I put True Detective on hold a bit so I can binge a few episodes at a time. It's slow moving so I enjoy watching it that way. I know some people are not fans of the new cast or new everything.

Lifetime's "unREAL" - I'm late on this one. It's not a July premiere but I'm including it in the round-up because it's what I've been watching this month. It premieres after the Bachelorette on Mondays, which is amazing because it is based off a producer's experience on the show. Didn't expect a really well written and produced show on Lifetime, but shame on me. All the episodes are online for free so I recommend you catch up!

HBO's "7 Days in Hell" - The weirdest thing I've seen on television in a LONG time. Fair warning: a lot of male genitalia lol. I was almost in tears laughing. There's a reason they only teased the guest interviews because they pretty much couldn't show anything else.  SNL alums have been doing some amazing mockumentary/dramedies (whatever you want to call them) on television lately. First, Will Ferrell & Kristen Wiig in a Lifetime movie, A Deadly Adoption, which was brilliant! Then next month, Bill Hader & Fred Armisen star in Documentary Now also on IFC, which looks bizarrely awesome as well.

Comedy Central's "Why? With Hannibal Burress" - If you don't like Hannibal's sense of humor then you won't like this show (obviously). I love him and I'm glad he got his own show. He covers recent events with his bit of flare with occasional sketches. It is set up like the Chapelle show where Hannibal comes out and talks to the crowd then introduces the sketch. Key & Peele did this the first three seasons but they've switched it up. I'd be curious to see if Hannibal does too.

TV Land's "The Jim Gaffigan Show" - Another great comedian I love and glad he got his own show - finally! It's loosely based on his very real situation of having 5 kids and living in a 2 bedroom NYC apartment. It's a nice, light-hearted show to balance out all the dramas I watch. If you don't have cable, TV Land offers all the episodes on their site free.

FX's "Sex, Drugs & Rock 'n Roll" - A former '90s rock 'n roll star who is washed up and an addict finds out he has a daughter. There were some great cameos (along with Denis's hair) in episode one which gives me hope that more stars will pop by. Otherwise I wasn't completely impressed.

Looking forward to Netflix's reboot of Wet Hot American Summer premiering at the end of this month!

What did you watch this month?

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