July 20, 2015

7 '90s Movies Every Fashionista Should Watch

Sunday was Clueless's 20th anniversary (terrifying!) so I re-watched it. While watching, it was amazing to see the fashions of that movie are now hanging in the windows of stores like H&M today. Many of which I want to recreate and have. This got me thinking about other great movies with fashion moments that you fashionistas could take some inspiration from since '90s are having a moment. Here's my list:

1. Clueless - As if! We're all rocking crop tops now. I recently did a Cher Horowitz inspired look.
2. Empire Records - I thought this cast was the coolest. Kind of like the '90s kids Breakfast Club. It's also sad to think that record stores don't really exist anymore.
3. The Craft - One of my all-time favorite movies. This was me in high school without the satanism and midriff.
4. Romy & Michele's High School Reunion - Are you noticing a pattern yet? Girl power and crop tops. This movie manages to make fun of itself and the horrible '90s looks with frosted lipstick and tacky prom dresses.
5. The Bodyguard Kevin Costner in mom jeans lol. This movie is such the epitome of '90s fashion - oversized turtleneck sweaters and ill fitting mom jeans. It also gave us the greatest love song of all time.
6. Poetic Justice - Um, didn't we all want to be Janet? Still do! I am not cool enough to pull off any of these outfits (and I'm white lol) but I can idolize. Plus, RIP Tupac.
7. Now & Then - Such a significant movie of my childhood lol. I always wanted a summer like that and a treehouse. Never quite worked out. I'm also impressed that the majority of these young ladies went on to successful careers since that isn't always the case for child actors.

May I also point these all have wonderful soundtracks! There are plenty of other '90s movies to choose from so tell me...

What other '90s movies did you draw fashion inspiration from?

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