June 3, 2015

Summer Dating Tips

Summer seems to stir a bit of a bug for finding a beau. Maybe because you want to find a beach buddy or perhaps because the warm weather combined with a visual of muscles sets you a flutter. Dating is definitely a different game in the summer. If you missed my interview with Bravo’s Million Dollar Listing stars Fredrik Eklund and Luis Ortiz for Dating Girl, you're in luck! I loved their advice  so much that I thought it was worth repeating. They offered advice for both married and single folks.

Fredrik, who is married, enjoys finding a romantic, quiet spot with his hubby such as the waterfront by Tribeca Park or hitting the beaches of Fire Island. Him and his husband opt for low key dates rather than hitting the clubs. His tips for meeting a man is doing outdoor activities and having a dog definitely helps. It’s a great way to meet someone who also enjoys your passion. Of course Fredrik is all about presentation, so I had to ask about his advice for a first date outfit. “Presentation is everything.” Although he recommends making it personal.

“Don’t dress up because you feel like you’re supposed to. If you love a t-shirt, own it!” 

I loved this advice because I’m definitely more comfortable in a t-shirt and jeans rather than trying to be something I’m not in heels and a dress.

Luis, who is single and ready to mingle, enjoys dining outside like at his favorite French restaurant in the West Village. He says that the city can be so romantic and recommends the Meatpacking district for meeting people but go during the weekdays to meet more locals. Like me, he has been experimenting with Tinder but hasn’t met anyone face to face. “I guess I’m old fashioned.” Me too Luis… me too. Of course I asked about what he would wear to a first date. He thinks a first date should be “considered a formal event.” He thinks women appreciates when a man puts some effort into his appearance.

Do you enjoy dating in the summer? What tips would you add?

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