June 10, 2015

Movie Review: Netflix's "Hot Girls Wanted"

P-o-r-n. Four little letters yet such a controversial subject. Rashida Jones (of Parks and Recreation) has been driving the conversation as best as she can to get us to talk about this industry and how it is affecting society. She produced a Netflix original documentary "Hot Girls Wanted" which takes a look inside the world of "amateur" porn. Real life amateur 18 year olds girls are replacing the professionals for a more "authentic" feel to these wildly popular videos. You may remember the porn star from Duke well she got her start just like the girls in this documentary did.

This is just one part of the gigantic porn industry but I learned a lot. Had no idea that these were actual amateurs thrown in to these situations. I didn't even think that the average of a first time porn viewers has gotten younger now with the Internet being readily available. So now this whole new generation who grew up with the Internet has been desensitized by porn because it's readily available to them. I appreciated that this documentary let the girls tell their stories rather than it being from a men's lens. These girls, as the older gentlemen who manages them (think James Franco in "Spring Breakers") explains, "they all have the same story. 'No one knows'... then people from their hometown see it because everyone watches porn." The other staggering truth about these girls is that they are used up within 3 months. As one of the male actors (who is much older by the way) pointed out "3-6 months best case scenario." Usually less than that, otherwise they have to start getting into more hardcore fetish shoots. Since nothing ever dies on the Internet, it seems like a lot to pay for a short taste of "freedom" or "escape" as many girls described their reason for doing it.

During Rashida's interview with Janet Mock on her MSNBC show 'So POPular', Janet also brilliantly pointed out how the one Latina actress featured in the film, Jade, had to deal with a whole other set of issues. Being requested to be more "ghetto" or be featured in Latina punishment videos. "It's supply and demand. There demand is out there." She casually explains. This article on Medium raises some interesting points about the film. It was definitely an interesting and eye opening documentary. I applaud Rashida and the filmmakers for getting us to talk about this.

Rashida also mentioned in the interview that the directors of this movie also directed another movie "Sexy Baby" about how social media affects young girl's self-esteem. And as someone who monitors social media all day... my heart breaks when I see what young girls post/say on social media.

What movies have you watched recently?

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