June 26, 2015

June TV Reviews

Good lord was it a busy month for TV! True Detective returned with a new cast and a new story. Still watching all my May shows (although I finished Grace & Frankie on Netflix). I definitely didn't watch everything but hopefully I've captured enough of a mix for you to find a new show to enjoy.


Starz Power -got hooked on this show featuring my boy 50 Cent season 1. The plot plays out slowly and meticulously so it might be a bore if you wait a week in between episodes. Last season's finale set up a great opening episode for season 2. 50 really has put together a great show! It shattered records and got renewed for a 3rd season only a day after the first episode of Season 3 aired. BAM!

Orange is the New Black - Thankfully in Season 3 we saw more backgrounds of how the other women got to prison. P.S. Some are amazing and I want more! I could do without Piper's white girl problems ugh. A certain comedian guest starred and thought he did an amazing job (no spoilers!). I laughed, I cried. There were some developments that make me intrigued about how further seasons will go. Really great season as a whole.

HBO's True Detective - Could technically count as a new series since it's an entirely new cast/plot but anyways... this season has a full star-studded cast: Colin Farrell, Vince Vaughn, Rachel McAdams & Taylor Kitsch. First off, you have to completely let go of Season 1. It will take you a minute to adjust but it continues to be excellent writing & cinematography. Like Season 1 all the characters are flawed and I honestly couldn't like a single one of them. Should make for an interesting series. There's been quite the critiques on the Internet but we do get a nice butt shot of Taylor.

USA's Complications - I actually got to go to a press event for this show with Jessica Szohr (or as you may know her, Vanessa of Gossip Girl). It's about a boring suburban doctor who turns vigilante. It has a mix of House & Sopranos with him being a bit of a prick and in therapy for bad behavior. There's a lot of flashing back and forth but hopefully that settles after the premiere episode.

HBO's Ballers - Man candy galore! It's like Entourage for football players. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is a retired NFL player who now manages finances for current players. In the first episode several current NFL stars made cameos. One of the exec producers is Mark Wahlberg so there is definitely a hint of Entourage flare (i.e. women are just there for the man's amusement). It's not quality programming and not really sure where the plot is headed but I'm looking forward to more sexy men on my TV screen.

HBO's The Brink -  With the success of Veep, guess HBO is trying their hand at another politic comedy. Tim Robbins plays the Secretary of State, Jack Black and Aasif Mandvi round out the cast. It's not a quick, rapid firing dialogue we come to expect with this type of show on HBO but I like the cast. They touch on hot button topics in a delicate manner probably because Aasif is actually Middle Eastern.

Comedy Central's Another Period - Described as " It’s Keeping Up With The Kardashians meets Downton Abbey," Natasha Leggero and Riki Lindhome found a brilliant way of mocking "pop culture" by bringing it back to the Victorian days. Tuesday has now turned into full fledged lady power hour with Inside Amy Schumer airing before. Thank you Comedy Central! Women watch your network too.

What shows did you watch this month?

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