June 22, 2015

What I've Read Recently

I've been gone for awhile but now I'm back with a quick recap of what I've been reading lately.

"Reality Bites Back" by Jennifer Pozner - A hard hitting look at the effects of reality TV on our society/culture. Bad news: it's not good... especially for women. I knew these shows were trashy but wow Jenn Pozner really puts it in a perspective.
She's really great to follow on Twitter especially around this especially trash season of The Bachelorette. I'm only watching because we have a Bachelorette fantasy league in the office lol.

"So You've Been Publicly Shamed" by Jon Ronson - A topic discussed on a lot of the podcasts I listen to is the "Twitter mob" or how people are so quick to jump on someone who says something stupid on Twitter. It's definitely a hot button issue. Comedian, x, interviewed some of the people who faced this backlash and examines how it has affected their lives. I felt like he added in his own bias and focused a lot on white men like boo hoo their poor lives. Would've enjoyed it much better from say Jenn Pozner's perspective. But it is a very interesting concept and time will tell how we really feel about this "mob mentality."

"I Suck At Relationships So You Don't Have To" by Bethenny Frankel - Check out my review for 'Dating Girl'!

"Girl on the Train" by Paula Hawkins - The book that's been holding up the bunch! It took me awhile to get into this book. The hook didn't sink in until page 130 in a 300+ page book. It goes back and forth between characters and dates, which I found a little difficult to follow. Also, when authors write from the perspective of different characters they usually change their writing style to distinguish their voices. Paula didn't or at least it wasn't prominent enough so sometimes I forgot I was reading the voice of another character! I don't really think this genre is for me because so many people loved it and it literally took me months to finish it... it was that agonizing. I did enjoy Wardrobe Oxygen's review. Be careful about envying other people's lives like bloggers on Instagram.

Up next is "Conflicting Webs" from my Summer Reading List and I just ordered Aziz Ansari's new book "Modern Romance."

What books have you read recently?

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