June 18, 2015

Battle of the Concealer Sticks: Benefit vs Smashbox

I've always struggled with dark circles no matter how much sleep I get or no matter how many eye creams I try. When it comes to concealers, I find myself preferring sticks because they blend well with both liquid and powder foundations. I've had Smashbox's for years (so long that I don't see it available anywhere!) and it has always been my go-to. However, on a whim I picked up Benefit's Fake Up concealer. I decided to do a comparison review to see if this newbie product could knock out an ol' favorite of mine. Here are the results:

Benefit's Fake Up Concealer $24 claims "this hydrating crease-control concealer - with Vitamin E & apple seed extract - hides dark circles and diffuses fine lines for a silky smooth, ultra-natural look." It glides on smoothly. Although the formula can make it smudge more easily in these hotter months. It can be nice to hydrate your under eye area since it needs it most. It did help hide my dark circles but no big difference in hiding fine lines. I also found the Light shade is a little more yellow than my skin tone. For a power concealer - I enjoy Boi-ing. That still is a little on the darker side.

Smashbox Camera Ready Full Coverage Concealer $18 (N/A) - This has been my trusty "pale girl" concealer for AGES so it makes me sad I couldn't find it online anymore. If it's no longer being made then I'm definitely holding onto this baby!  It is the lightest concealer I've found. In the summer months when I get a WEE bit more of a glow it can look a little too white. However, blended with a highlighter it can disguise some of the worst of dark circles. It is a very drying formula though so it doesn't hydrate or do anything else. But sometimes all I really want is just a concealer. There's a liquid formula version which I may need to test in comparison but I'm not a big fan of liquid concealers.

Verdict: For my basic need of disguising dark circles then I'm relying more on Smashbox. Benefit's Fake Up does have it's pros but I found the formula not long lasting with East Coast humidity. Both are also fairly good options if you have fair skin.

What concealer stick do you enjoy using?

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