June 16, 2015

3 Trends I Predicted in My Masters Program

I finished my Masters in Integrated Marketing at NYU in December and finally walked in May. I joined the program because I didn't have a degree directly related to marketing and found it interfered with my job search. However, while there I learned that my on job experience had prepared me plenty. We would discuss current trends in the industry and I'd sometimes find myself in disagreement with other students & professors about where the industry was going. Turns out... I was right! lol Here are the three biggest predictions I made (#humblebrag):

1. HBO needs to be à la carte. This was probably my biggest and longest running debate with classmates and even professors. They would argue (for good reason) that they wouldn't be able to break their big cable ties. I understood the arguments but in order to survive this digital streaming/"cord-cutter" age HBO would have to offer some kind of online streaming service. I talked about in Lost Remote how they were slowly releasing more and more free content on YouTube, which was a test for them to see if the demand was there. Well they did! I immediately emailed my professors and classmates lol and they were kind to give me praise. I honestly didn't think it would happen so soon but I'm glad they finally got their act together.

2. Estee Lauder needs a younger model. In my Customer Insights class, my group and I worked on Estee Lauder. Their issue was stagnate sales, which signals they've penetrated a particular market as far as they can go. Either they have to try and reach a new target or find a new purpose for their products. Based on our research, in order to try and reach a young demo they would need to re-brand some of the packaging and feature a younger celeb as a spokesperson. We recommended Emma Watson. They went with Kendall Jenner, which is an interesting choice. Estee Lauder represents class and elegance and well the Kardashian clan doesn't necessarily represent that. Kendall has been in high demand by a lot of designers so I'm wondering how authentic it can truly feel when she represents so many brands. But I'm glad they're trying to refresh their image.

3. Facebook needs to allow for transactions in Facebook groups. Perhaps my toughest battle was my final Capstone class convincing my classmates and professors that this is a thing. My final project was on beauty swapping. I'm a member of many beauty swap groups on Facebook. Most of them center around beauty subscription boxes because you end up with unwanted samples. I, along with the thousands of members, use these groups to find what I'm looking for and to hopefully barter with products I have. One of the major downsides was that it wasn't easy to make a transaction within the Facebook group. I said an app needed to be created to fix this issue. First of all, no one understood why anyone would swap samples lol despite showing the many examples of swaps I've done. Facebook recently added a new "For sale" feature in groups. There's still the extra step of exchanging PayPal information to get payment but it's a start.

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