May 18, 2015

Graduation Recap

If you didn't catch my Instagrams yesterday, I graduated from NYU! I finished my Masters in Integrated Marketing back in December; however, finally got a chance to walk in the ceremony this Sunday. It was held at Madison Square Garden (which was personally exciting as a Knicks girl) where I attended my school's specific ceremony so thankfully it was only 2 or so hours. We were definitely the loudest/rowdiest bunch and several took on-stage selfies. Oh marketers...

Afterwards, my family graciously agreed to accompany me to V-Note, a vegan restaurant. They are not vegans lol. I was mostly worried about my Dad who is a very picky eater but he played it safe with pancakes and had no complaints (which is a lot for our family!). I had the breakfast wrap which was delicious followed by some vegan cookie dough ice cream and cake because a girl shouldn't have to decide between two desserts.

Just took a quick shot outside the restaurant before I forgot an outfit pic!

For my outfit, I opted for this Nasty Gal jumpsuit because I was wearing a bright purple gown and a black cap. I paired it with these Kensie girl flats for stylish comfort. The night before I got my hair done at the Dry Bar in what was supposed to be a 1930s wave but by the morning it just looked like beachy waves. Oh well.

For nails, I was trying to find a purple that matched NYU's "violet;" however I didn't really have any in my arsenal so I opted for Zoya's Charisma then I added a touch a black & gold to match my hood.

Stay tuned for next week when I recap what I wore for my brother's law school graduation!

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