May 12, 2015

May TV Reviews

Did your show get the axe? Networks brought down the hammer and cleaned house. The only show I'm bummed about is The Mindy Project because we need more women of color as leads on TV. Don't be bummed! I've got some recommendations for you this month. From last month, I'm still watching Younger. Everyone is buzzing about it. It's available online for all you cord-cutters. I like the cast (especially Nico) plus there's good fashion. Still not a fan of the plot but it's a guilty pleasure. I'm still watching Grace Helbig's show. I posted about a cute outfit she wore. She's getting more comfortable with guests and bringing on more of her YouTube friends. But anyways... on with the shows!

Maron - Marc Maron returns to IFC with season 3 of his delightful show. If you listen to his podcast then you'll enjoy the show. I have a thing for grumpy old men. IFC released the first episode online for free so get on it! Otherwise the premiere is Thursday at 10pm.

Grace and Frankie - A Netflix original starring two comedy greats - Lily Tomlin & Jane Fonda. Two 70 year old newly divorced women find an unlikely friendship. It's a hint of The Odd Couple and a dash of screwed up familiesIt's great to see these women still working but it does have it's campy moments. Also, I know I need to watch Daredevil. It's on my list!

HAPPYish - Seems like everywhere there are shows popping up about unhappy marriages - FX's Married and HBO's Togetherness. And despite the sad topic, they're all great! Showtime's HAPPYish is no exception. It stars my beloved Steve Coogan and Kathryn Hahn who has been in almost everything I love. Episode one starts out "Fuck you Thomas Jefferson" and episode 2 starts out "Fuck you Marsha Brady" just to give you a sense lol. It is a bit like Man Seeking Woman in that it often goes beyond reality and a bit into the ridiculous. Spoiler alert: There's a love scene with Keebler elf. He works in marketing and there's a lot of satirical comedy about the marketing world, which definitely hits home. I think the show is really refreshing and I look forward to more episodes! Unfortunately it's Sundays at 9:30 (Game of Thrones time) so I catch up a few days later.

I'm excited for HBO's upcoming Ballers in June and the return of Orange is the New Black!

What did you watch this month?

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