May 1, 2015

How To: Rodarte S/S '15 Nails


Rodarte teamed up with Sally Hansen for their Spring/Summer 2015 runway show and created three limited edition Complete Salon Manicure™ nail polish colors. It's a super low maintenance manicure and is supposed to look "perfectly imperfect" so you can really put your own spin on it. Celebrity manicurist and Sally Hansen nail ambassador, Tracylee, shared how to get this look which "carries 2 seasonal trends... negative Space and texture."

Step 1: Apply 2 coats of Sally Hansen's Dark Denim and let dry 2-3 minutes. You want enough polish on the nail to leave some dying.
Step 2: Ue a cotton ball small enough to fit the center of the nail to wipe. I used a Q-tip.
Step 3: Use non-acetone remover.  This look allows for a little polish stain to be left on the nail and acetone will remove too much of the color from the nail.
Step 4: Don't use top coat. This look is meant to look rough and tough, adding top coat will make it look too finished. I added Sally Hansen's Pale Sand on top to give my nails a more nude look since they're a bit of a disaster right now. I can definitely see swapping out Dark Denim for a fun bright color.

Would you give this manicure a try?
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  1. It's an interesting look. A nice way to personalise everyday nails.

  2. @Sherin Indeed... you really can't mess it up!


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