April 28, 2015

Movies I've Watched Recently

The Tribeca Film Festival is currently running in New York. It's a great festival where a parade of films premiere. Many are even available on demand (like iTunes or Amazon) while playing at the festival. I've tuned into a few so thought I'd share my reviews:

Misery Loves Comedy - It featured a lot of comedy greats including Christopher Guest, Richard Lewis, Marc Maron, Amy Schumer, Judd Apatow (and I could go on...). The film got to the root of what drives someone to become a comedian since it is such a narcissistic yet soul crushing career. If you're a comedy fan then I recommend it. It's available VOD and limited theater release.

Bad Hurt - Starring Theo Rossi, of my beloved Sons of Anarchy cast members (aka Juice). Shot entirely in Staten Island and I love supporting NYC films because I hate when a show/movie is set in NYC but shoot somewhere else. I digress... it's a beautiful but HEART WRENCHING story about a family dealing with PTSD and a special needs child. I cried like a bitch. It premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival but hopefully will be released soon.

Adult Beginners - I adore Nick Kroll so I'll watch anything he's in. The rest of the cast  is also great - Rose Byrne, Bobby Cannavale, Joel McHale. It's about what most indie comedies are about, a lost soul who fights with their family. You really can't make Rose look frumpy. It's a sweet film but the ending was a little odd for me. I liked the Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader's Skeleton Twins better. It's released the same day VOD and in theaters, which I think is smart for an indie film. If you want to relax and enjoy a movie for less than $7 then I'd recommend it.

What movies have you watched recently?


  1. I think I'm going to see Adult Beginners this weekend. The other two look so good too! I'll have to wait for Bad Hurt on DVD so I can ugly cry at home. Haha!

  2. I haven't of any of these but they all sound really good. Juice! Gotta see that one!

  3. @Kerry They're good at home movies lol and it's Juicy with hair :)

  4. @Christina haha omg i highly recommend it. So embarrassing sitting in a theater by myself sobbing... altho many people around me were too lol


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