April 20, 2015

Graduation Outfit Ideas

Simply Dresses Short Sleeveless Scoop Neck Dress $59 // Ann Taylor Tuxedo Jumpsuit $190 // TahariFloral Print Scuba Sheath Dress $128 // DRA Highgarden Jumpsuit via MYHABIT $59

In May, I'll be walking down the aisle... for graduation. I technically finished in December but the ceremony isn't until May so it will finally feel official that I finished my Masters degree at NYU! I also have my brother's law school graduation the same week so I'll need TWO outfits.
For my own graduation, I've been thinking about a jumpsuit. I want to avoid something that clashes with NYU's purple gowns so I was thinking of playing it safe with black. But I could also go full girly since it will be the spring. So tell me...

What should I wear?


  1. Although I do think you'd look great in a jumpsuit, I like the idea of a dress under a graduation gown for some reason. That Tahari one would look nice with the purple.

  2. That floral dress is really pretty and I am not a floral person so that is saying something.


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