April 7, 2015

Drugstore Dupe: Clinique vs New York Color

I love discovering a drugstore dupe. However, the downside for a cheaper price is a lower quality product. Not so with this drugstore dupe! Clinique's chubby sticks are best sellers and for good reason. Their Chubby Stick Shadow Tint For Eyes costs $17. Well New York Color is giving them a run for my money with their City Proof 24 HR Waterproof Eye Shadow, which costs $2.99! That's right, less than $3! Both come in 12 shades so let's see how they stack up:

First of all, you may notice the colors don't quite matchup. I still thought it was worth doing the dupe. I'm using Curvaceous Coal for Clinique and Tribeca Taupe for NYC. If you're looking for an exact match - try Lot o' Latte from Clinique. You get about the same amount product in each - Clinique's chubby stick is shorter that's why it make look not equal in the photo. I personally prefer the pointed tip of New York Color since it makes it easier to wear as an eyeliner.

Clinique claims: "Sheer wash of lightweight, creamy color slips on. Layerable and long-wearing. Glide one on for a swift wash of color. Contour with another to add depth, and yet another to highlight. Appropriate for sensitive eyes and contact lens-wearers." You apply directly to your eyelids and can build to desired intensity. "Never needs sharpening: simply swivel up to reveal more eye shadow."

New York Color claims: "This retractable chubby has a unique, pigment-packed formula for 24-hour waterproof wear. Color glides on smooth and stays crease-proof all day and all night. Try using it as a liner, or smudge with your finger for a smoky effect."

Clinique on the Left and New York Color on the Right. Both were blended with my finger.

New York Color blended better in my opinion and glider more nicely onto my eyelid. I haven't found a lot of ease using Clinique's chubby sticks. Love the lip balm but the eye shadow, not so much. It looks too dramatic whereas NYC I could use as an eyeliner or more softly blend on my lid.

Final verdict: New York Color edges out slightly. You get a great quality product for a very cheap price. Or perhaps I'm biased because their colors are inspired by neighborhoods around New York City. There's even one for my neighborhood!

What drugstore dupes have you found recently?

Disclosure: This post features products I received for review. All opinions expressed are my own.


  1. I do love knowing that you can get better products at more affordable prices sometimes. This NYC colour looks fab. I think I'm due a shopping spree at my local drug store.

  2. I really like the way that the NYC eyeshadow looks smudged over your lid- very pretty!

  3. Love the color and I would totally go with the NYC version!

  4. This NYC shadow is a really great find! I have a hard time with creamy eyeshadows in general-- they definitely can be difficult to blend. I'm surprised the the Clinique... I expected it to be more subtle, but your photo proves otherwise!

  5. @Alex yeah it was really hard to blend or I'm just special lol it's too dramatic for my taste. If it had a more narrow point then I could use it as an eyeliner

  6. @Kerry let me know if you pick it up!

  7. @Sherin lol it's always due time for shopping! Yes, but it is hard to find quality. I was really impressed!


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