April 17, 2015

April TV Reviews

Another month, another roll out of new TV shows! April we saw the return of some of my favorite shows - Game of Thrones, Veep, Louie and Mad Men along with some newbs. From last month's premieres, I'm still tuning into Last Man on Earth which is definitely not the same show it was episode one. I finished Kimmy Schmidt and House of Cards! Here's what I tuned into this month:

The Grace Helbig Show - Probably the biggest spotlight for a "YouTuber" is Grace Helbig's primetime E! show. She described as an introverts talk show. She doesn't leave her "house" (I think it's just a staged house) and invites her guests over for a non-traditional interview. It's combo of her YouTube show and IFC's Comedy Bang! Bang! It's Friday nights at 10:30 right after The Soup. I commend E! for taking on such an unique show and hopefully it will grow as they into a groove. One nit picky thing for me was when she was doing her semi-"What's in the news" segment she joked about having to appeal to "hoop fans" and then was being awkward about sports. I get annoyed when other non-sports fans (looking at you Nerdist podcasters) mockingly talk about sports. If you don't like them, don't talk about them. Grace is on the E! network, which Joel McHale (the man on right before her) always mocks the audiences lack of knowledge of sports. Just a personal thing as a sports fan. Just stick to what you know.

Louie - One of the greatest shows on television in my humble opinion. It returns with him in a therapy session realizing he's a "boring asshole," which I think will sett the tone for the season. It's the same Louie getting into situations and make his faces. It wasn't the strongest of premiere episodes but Louie's episodes fluctuate from the dramatic to the fart joke humor. I did laugh a lot but mostly at the awkwardness. Still excited to have Louie back on my TV!

The Comedians - FX's new satirical comedy starring Josh Gad (aka 'Olaf') and Billy Crystal is like a mockumentary style. It's two ego maniacs competing to share the spotlight in a fake sketch show. It has a flavor of Curb Your Enthusiasm. Not sure if Billy Crystal can pull off the charm of Larry David. I'll tune in a few more episodes before writing it off.

Younger - TV Land's new lady comedy is based on the novel of the same name by Pamela Redmond Satran. It follows a "40-year-old, single mother who tries to get back into the working world, only to find out it's nearly impossible to start at the bottom at her age. When a chance encounter with a 20-something guy at a bar convinces her she looks younger than she is, Liza tries to pass herself off as 26." A horrible premise. It has a lot of the terrible social media tropes the show Selfie did. Hilary Duff is one of the stars and her love interest is cute. But I won't be tuning in.

Cucumber & Banana - I typically tune into Logo for RuPaul's Drag Race but the previews for these new original series from the makers of Queer As Folk (still need to watch!). The premise is "exploring the gay lives of two disparate generations." With HBO's "Looking" being cancelled, television is in desperate need of a fresh gay comedy. This is it! I loved the differences between older and younger generations. I relate to the old cranky main character, Henry, so much.

Big Time in Hollywood, FL - Bravo to Comedy Central for diversifying their content and giving YouTube stars a spotlight on their network (i.e. Broad City). This is an eccentric comedy show that has a big star, Ben Stiller, backing it which I'm sure helps. The basic premise is two broke brothers who aspire to be film directors live in their parent's house and of course, adventure ensues. Fair warning: it's very obscure but I found myself laughing. All the episodes are available to watch on ComedyCentral.com.

Also returning this month - Inside Amy Schumer! If you're not watching then I highly recommend you do. Support funny ladies!

What shows are you watching this month?


  1. I loved Kimmy Scmidt. It was a great show!
    I'm all over Daredevil at the moment. I saw more of the season in one sitting. Worth watching if you're into something like that.

  2. I actually like Younger but have never heard of the others.

  3. @Kerry the Brooklyn boy is hot lol let me know if you tune into the others :)

  4. @Sherin I may have to rewatch since I binged it and it was so good the first time round :)

    I'm hearing a lot of good things about Daredevil. I'm behind on my Netflix originals. Been busy watching 3rd Rock from the Sun lol #fondmemories


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