March 9, 2015

March TV Reviews

Gone are the days of fall premieres. With the changing television landscape, the hottest shows no longer have to premiere in the first two weeks of September. I shared my early thoughts of January premieres. Of the new shows, the ones I've kept up with are Empire and Man Seeking Woman. Now in March there's been a slew of new shows to tune in. Here's what I tuned in along with my early opinions (yes I will avoid spoilers!):

Better Call Saul - This is technically a February premiere but I didn't do a round up then. AMC has shown how to do a spin-off! If you liked the Saul character from Breaking Bad then you'll like this. It is shot in the Vince Gilligan style we come to expect. There's only one familiar character from Breaking Bad, Mike. I personally love Bob Odenkirk so I am obviously a fan. However, it's on a Sunday (a popular night for TV) so I find myself watching a few episodes at a time.

House of Cards - Frank Underwood is back for Season 3. We pick up with Mr. Underwood as the incumbent president but of course he wants to leave a legacy. I only watched until episode 6 premiere weekend because this season is honestly darker than the other 2. I kind of needed a mental break. Some characters are not in their usual spot so it will be interesting to see where they go with them. Claire's wardrobe is fabulous as first lady. Feel free to tweet me as you get further along!

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt - Tina Fey's comedy starring The Office's Ellie Kemper that she shopped around networks but preferred the Netflix model. Much like Jane The Virgin, the premise is a little cooky but it works. Kimmy is from a cult that was told the apocalypse happened and stayed underground for 15 years. She is freed and is exploring NYC. I spotted my neighborhood a few times. Kimmy's childlike wonderment towards the world is a bit Elf like (Will Ferrell) but can get on your nerves (or perhaps I hate the nickname Kimmy myself...). There are a lot of great guest stars and Kimmy's references are stuck in 1998. It was really easy to breeze through the 13 episodes!

The Last Man on Earth - Starring Will Forte, this FOX show takes place 2020 after a virus has wiped out the entire population. Although a technical plot point, he only drives around the United States to find other life so technically that's not all of Earth. But I digress... I am a fan of Will Forte from his SNL days to Nebraska. If you're not a fan of his then maybe skip because it is A LOT of him. I can't say much beyond episode 1 because in episode 2 there's a major plot twist and I don't want to give away any spoilers. If you've seen beyond episode 2 then we can chat!

The Odd Couple - I really wanted this remake to work because I love Tom Lennon (from Reno 911!). So far, no bueno.

Secrets & Lies - There's a lot of these shows following this Gone Girl premise - this person looks guilty just because they're not a good person in general. Television is capturing more and more movie stars with Ryan Phillippe heading the cast of this ABC drama along side Juliette Lewis who plays the stone cold detective. Ryan is not the greatest of actors but pulls off the dramatic scenes. I wasn't surprised by the plot twists so I probably won't be tuning into another episode.

American Crime - I have to say the marketing of this show has been amazing. I was super captivated! It is from the recent Oscar award winning director of Birdman. "One crime affects many lives" is the basic premise of this ABC original. It's grittier than anything you'd expect from the network. It doesn't have the story telling of The Wire and I didn't find myself attaching to any of the characters. However, it is well acted, well shot and the story unfolds at a good pace. I'll tune in a few episodes to see if I finally get hooked.

What shows have you tuned into this month?


  1. This is my kind of post! So---

    Loving Empire. I think it's an awesome show, and I'm really happy with it because I wasn't sure how I would feel about it initially.

    Haven't watched House of Cards since the end of Season 1. I think it's a well written/acted show, but it's just too depressing for me.

    I hadn't heard of Kimmy Schmidt until this post and that sounds pretty interesting. Will give it a shot.

    Not a Will Forte fan, so...

    Had to LOL about what you said about Ryan's acting in Secrets & Lies. I like concepts like this one, but I just watched Gracepoint last year so I feel like this is just a knockoff (of Broadchurch too).

    The marketing for American Crime reminded me of the marking for the first season of The Bridge. And even though that show is off the air, the first season was spectacular, so I guess I'll give American Crime a shot.

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  3. I actually like Secrets and Lies. Haven't watched last night's episode yet, though. I can't do House of Cards. I hear such good things, but my friend was a publicist for a certain actor and I heard stories. So that's all I can think about when I think of him.

  4. I thought it was weird that these spray on deodorants are coming out. I thought they were a thing of the '80s. Haha! I definitely want to try those wipes!

  5. I've recorded Saul, but haven't watched it yet. He was my least favorite person on Breaking Bad, so I wasn't going to watch it, but everyone keeps saying it's awesome. I loved Mike too so at least there's that. Ha! I'm on episide four of House of Cards. I was going to get more in this weekend, but I watched all of Kimmy instead. I agree, it was cheesy and sometimes annoying, but some jokes made me LOL so much. I love Tina Fey and will watch anything she makes! I liked Last Man On Earth and didn't like The Odd Couple, which is disappointing. I really love the whole cast. Secrets and Lies and American Crime are on my DVR!

  6. I have been watching secrets and lies, it is so good! I totally missed the Better Call Saul premiere and need to catch up.

  7. @Louida M Thanks for stopping by :)

  8. @Christina haha right? My parents still use Arrid which smells awful. These are nicer looking cans but it's still technically aerosol. Omg I just want to inhale them lol if you like coconut then I recommend them and they're a great price and at Target ;)

  9. I've watched about 8 episodes of Unbreakable Kimmy over the weekend and I thought it was great! It's nice and light and funny :)

  10. I have been watching House of Cards, and loved it, just watching the latest season. I also like Suits, and Broadchurch. I have no idea about the others you've mentioned.Thanks for sharing.

  11. I absolutely enjoy learning of new products at blogs like yours! #productreviewparty ON!

  12. @Ladyofashion Just finished House of Cards! I hear good things about Broadchurch. May have to tune in!

  13. @Nnenna Yes, it was a nice break from HoC! Let me know when you finish :)

  14. @Christina I don't know how you can't like Saul lol but you may want to skip since it is pretty much all him. Although 2 episodes ago was an AMAZING episode about Mike, you could watch just that? lol

    Yes, it had a lot of good aspects. I will definitely watch anything Tina. It got picked up again so perhaps it will find a good rhythm in Season 2.

    Last Man on Earth is getting better with more woman *cough cough* lol I just hated that they made Kristen Schaal the "naggy wife"

    Let me know if you get to the other shows :)

  15. @Oh to Be a Muse haha woo!

    I wasn't sure about Empire either, the first episode was a whirlwind but the music definitely makes you like it more. Also, Taraji as Cookie is amazing.

    haha House of Cards is definitely a heavy show. Season 3 I think is especially dark (imo).

    Hope you try out Kimmy Schmidt. It's nice and light :)

    NOT A WILL FORTE fan?!?! Awww I adore him

    Secrets & Lies is definitely mimicking many other premises.

    American Crime is very dark and heavy FYI but a lot of interesting stories intertwined.

  16. @jointhegossip haha uh oh :x Well Ryan's abs are worth watching Secrets & Lies for alone :p

  17. Haven't gotten around to Kimmy Schmidt yet, but am all caught up with American Crime. Loving it so far.


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