March 4, 2015

#DatingGirl: 5 Responses To End An Awful Tinder Conversation

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You are bound to run in to interesting characters in your online dating adventures. Tinder especially. Over on Midtown Girl I am sharing 5 responses I use to end an awful Tinder conversation. Share your favorites!


  1. I also disagree with the prewar advice. Our prewar building was fantastic! It was quirky charming, and well maintained. The walls were super thick so we didn't hear neighbors and it was always warm in winter and while not cool in summer it was tolerable - thick walls mean insulation from sound AND weather. We also never had any bugs or rats - I saw *ONE* cockroach in the basement ONCE - reported it to the super and he had someone come out and spray. Never saw a single rat.

    As with *any* building, do your research and be observant. Really look at the walls, baseboards, under sinks and inside cabinets to see if there are gaps or holes, and insist on touring the basement - if there are rats or bugs you will see evidence down there.

    Touring the basement will also give you a good idea of how much care the super or maintenance team puts into the building - are the trash and recycling kept in an orderly and tight manner? Laundry room clean and well lit? Entrances properly secured and well lit? Also, our elevator was only out of service once in three years and it was for Hurricane Sandy when the power was out...

    I also disagree with the central air too. a simple AC unit (it doesn't even have to be big) works really well and overall rent will be a lot cheaper.

    Cabs DO Have seatbelts too....every one I've ever been in had a seatbelt - isn't it the law that they have them? If you don't *see* the seatbelt, it may have gotten squished between the parts of the seat.

  2. Prewar's do come with great charm but a lot of drawbacks. Everyone I know who has lived in one has had rodent/roach issues. My walls are nice and thick too but that's because they're concrete and I can't hang anything.

    And for the AC. I have a studio and my single unit AC does nothing. I have to leave it on all day to cool off especially as the summers get worse and worse.

    The seatbelt comment was a joke. But no one puts them on and even if you do, cabbies drive like maniacs so hold on.

  3. Ah well I can't have a ceiling fan... that would definitely help. Lucky you on the prewar luck!

  4. haha you're the only person I know besides out of towners who do wear the seat belts. I definitely agree with that comment!

  5. I'm sure! I've just lived in LA and NYC so I can only comment on those :)

  6. Working in emergency medicine, I also wear the seat belts in cabs. Having seen the effects of people not wearing them, I'd rather not chance it, particularly with how badly most cabbies drive.

  7. Well, everyone has their own experiences. Mine is vastly different from yours and those of people you know then. If you single unit AC does nothing, I would consider investing in a different model or getting it serviced. You should be able to freeze your buns off in a studio with a window AC.

    The seatbelts comment didn't really read as a joke, so I apologize for mistaking it as a serious comment. However, I commented above also about working in emergency medicine - seeing the results of car accidents where people don't have seatbelts on has made me wear them every time I get into a car whether a friend's car, a cab or otherwise.


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