March 31, 2015

My March Beauty Product Favorites (And Not So Favorite)

April is almost here! And yet it's still freezing. Grr! My skin has been tortured by this in-between weather. It's 50 and sunny one day, 30 and rainy another. I've been really trying to moisturize and exfoliate to get rid of dry, dead skin (TMI... sorry). But thought I'd recap the products I enjoyed this month even if there aren't many as well as the products I didn't enjoy:

Suave Luxe Style Infusion Volumizing Soufflé Mousse $4.99 - I shared my review of this earlier this month. The whole line is impressive but I liked the mousse especially because it was light on my hair and did give me a lift. And for 5 bucks - you can't beat it!

Skinfix Hand Repair Cream™ $17.99 - Speaking of dry skin... hands people! My hands are constantly dry and I store several hand lotions in my purse. This clinically tested hand cream "contains 1% colloidal oatmeal to target eczema, dermatitis and extreme dryness. It calms redness, relieves itching, and rebuilds the skin barrier with a blend of healing botanicals, rich natural butters and emollient oils." I was super impressed with this product - so much so I used it up instantly. It's available at Target so next time I'm there I am picking more up!

Julep Light On Your Lips Full-Coverage Crème Lipstick in Stepping Out $22 - Got this in my Julep Maven box this month and loved the color. It's a red/coral that is perfect for spring. Thanks for the compliments on my Instagram.

Dove® Finish Dry Spray Antiperspirant $5 - I shared my thoughts on this product earlier this month. I ended up just tossing it!

Garnier’s Miracle Ultra-Lift® Sleeping Cream $16.99 - I reviewed this item in February and my first impressions weren't good. I wanted to share my thoughts again after finishing it because sometimes you don't see automatic results in a week. Well I've finished the product and I didn't notice any results.

What products did you enjoy this month?


  1. Snagging that hand repair creme statttttt because my hands are so dry from this blasted winter- gimme gimme! :)

    Le Stylo Rouge

  2. @Ashley White ooo let me know if you pick it up!


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