March 31, 2015

My March Beauty Product Favorites (And Not So Favorite)

April is almost here! And yet it's still freezing. Grr! My skin has been tortured by this in-between weather. It's 50 and sunny one day, 30 and rainy another. I've been really trying to moisturize and exfoliate to get rid of dry, dead skin (TMI... sorry). But thought I'd recap the products I enjoyed this month even if there aren't many as well as the products I didn't enjoy:

March 30, 2015

#ManiMonday With Sally Hansen

Ann Taylor Stackable Rings

Since spring won't show up here in New York, I've been trying to brighten up with my manicures. I've been curious about Sally Hansen's® Insta-Dri™ nail polishes. It's a three-in-one formula: base coat, color, and top coat. It claims to dry in just 60 seconds.

March 27, 2015

Trend I'm Currently Craving: Fringe

Yee-haw! Add to the growing list of "Trends Kim Said She Wouldn't Ever Wear But She Lied" (see crop top). When I saw fringe it was always in some Western style (not my favorite) so I never thought I'd wear it. However, bloggers like Style of Sam and Le Stylo Rouge are changing my mind.

March 26, 2015

Battle of the Exfoliants: NUDE Skincare vs Dermalogica

I never thought I'd find something comparable to my beloved Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant. I loved it so much I used my Sample Society credit to buy another one. Then I received a sample of NUDE's Skincare Detox Brightening Fizzy Powder Wash in one of my many Sephora orders. Since I already reviewed Dermalogica, I thought I'd do a comparison:

March 25, 2015

#DatingGirl: My Catfish Story

Catfish (noun) -
Someone who pretends to be someone they're not using Facebook or other social media to create false identities, particularly to pursue deceptive online romances.

If you haven’t watched MTV’s reality show, “Catfish“, then you may not be familiar with the term. I'm obsessed with the show because I have my own catfish story and I'm sharing it over on Midtown Girl today. Have you ever been catfished?

March 23, 2015

#StyleItYourself With Suave Professionals® Luxe Style Infusion

Via Facebook

Who has the time or money to get a blowout every day? Definitely not me! I know I can always count on Suave to give me salon worthy hair at home. The new Luxe Style Infusion line makes it easy with “Style It Yourself” instructions on the back of the packaging. The line ranges from mousse, a blow out spray to hair spray.

March 19, 2015

Life Lately...

You may have noticed that I've been slowing down on the blogging and quiet(er) on social media. I needed to step away from things. Last Thursday I got the news my Grandma passed away. Thank you for all your condolences. I'm currently in Jersey with family. Tomorrow is her funeral. It's going to be an emotional weekend. Tuesday was my sister's birthday. She liked her goodies. I wish I was seeing her under different circumstances this week. But good to be with family nonetheless. Hopefully I'll be back to regular blogging Monday.

March 17, 2015

Happy Birthday Sis!

"Irish eyes were smiling"

Wishing a very Happy Birthday to my sister, Keri of My Constant Chaos! We feel a lot of Irish pride in our family on this day. I've written several posts about how awesome of an older sister she is. Very grateful that we get along so well even as our lives go in completely different directions and are miles apart.

March 16, 2015

My March Rocksbox

I've given Rocksbox a second chance. This month's box featured two statement necklaces so it was an improvement from last month. Here's what I received:

March 13, 2015

My March Julep Maven Box

This month's Julep Maven box was the POP! Collection and they made me lust after the perfect spring colors. Spring is definitely the best nail polish color season. I selected the Modern Beauty box and added on the polishes I wanted. Here's what I got:

March 12, 2015

My Spring Mani

We've been getting piles and piles of snow here in New York. But this week it was finally starting to feel like spring! It reached 60 degrees! I was inspired by the flowers I purchased to cheer me up to put some flowers on my manicure. I was wearing Janet from my recent Julep Maven box (stay tuned tomorrow!) and then added Teri, Courteney, and Bea to create the flowers. I also loved the quote in our box this month from Robin Williams... RIP :(

March 10, 2015

My March Birchbox

For this month's Birchbox I selected the Beauty Solutions box - "We've brought you some of Birchbox's beauty beauty minds (and brands) together to create this box." Loved the composition notebook packaging. Here's what was inside:

March 9, 2015

March TV Reviews

Gone are the days of fall premieres. With the changing television landscape, the hottest shows no longer have to premiere in the first two weeks of September. I shared my early thoughts of January premieres. Of the new shows, the ones I've kept up with are Empire and Man Seeking Woman. Now in March there's been a slew of new shows to tune in. Here's what I tuned in along with my early opinions (yes I will avoid spoilers!):

March 6, 2015

Quick Beauty Reviews: GlamGlow, Pacifica & Dove

I had a little fun in Target last weekend when I hung out with family in Jersey. I've also been slowly trying the  87 iconic beauty products one by one so I thought I'd share my quick reviews of products I've tried recently. You will probably be seeing some of these later this month in my favorite beauty product round-up.

March 4, 2015

#DatingGirl: 5 Responses To End An Awful Tinder Conversation

Image via

You are bound to run in to interesting characters in your online dating adventures. Tinder especially. Over on Midtown Girl I am sharing 5 responses I use to end an awful Tinder conversation. Share your favorites!

March 2, 2015

Rocksbox - A Second Chance

Everyone deserves a second chance. My first experience with Rocksbox wasn't so great. But when they reached out, I thought I'd give them another try. For those who don't know, Rocksbox is a monthly jewelry subscription box. $19 you can borrow 3 pieces of jewelry that were picked by their stylists, and swap them out anytime you want. Here's what was inside:
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