February 2, 2015

Space Jam Exhibit

As soon as I read there was a Space Jam exhibit in the city I knew I had to go! Space Jam was one of my all time favorite movies and we can't forget the soundtrack! So after bugging my coworker for two weeks we finally headed over to see it. It was interesting to say the least lol I like to think of myself as hip when it comes to art but this was weird. It featured gold plated, net free basketball hoops with gold plated cups and deflated gold basketballs near it. The only real "Space Jam" thing about it was the carpeting. Otherwise it was just images of Michael Jordan in his prime with paint splattered on it.

Had to do it...
I call this piece: Looking contemplative in front of art

The exhibition is open until Valentine's Day but be sure to check the site for hours since it is limited; however, it is free!

Speaking of Valentine's Days... have you entered my Valentine's Day giveaway yet?! Hurry it ends Sunday!


  1. Seems very un-Space jam like but worth a free trip.

  2. What a fun event!! Loved that movie!!

  3. Definitely one of the greatest films ever made!! If they had this in London, I would totally pop by. Does look pretty fun.

  4. my brother's post is still hanging up in his old bedroom!

  5. @ElleSees.blogspot.com haha omg so jealous!

  6. @Sherin hmm wonder if it will make it's way over there

  7. @Kerry it's art lol yeah it was free so couldn't complain


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