January 20, 2015

January TV Reviews

January we saw a spring of new shows on the scene. I was excited to see some and was also excited for the return of others. I thought I'd do a quick review of them. Let me know if you tuned in and share your thoughts!

Agent Carter - ABC has been trying to make their own version of Mad Men, well many networks have in their defense. Pan Am, The Playboy Club, etc. Agent Carter is set in the '40s so of course the wardrobe is magnificent. The dialogue is a bit campy and they really like to emphasize that women were not respected in the workforce "why don't you fetch me a coffee doll" as they slap her ass. Some of my favorite tv critics having favorable things to say, I gave it a second chance. The second episode was definitely an improvement. More kick ass fight scenes and more emotions as they lose a coworker. It's only a mini-series so I'm going to be championing this show so that networks realize we want to see more female leads!

Empire - aka STARZ's Power knock-off (or at least that's what 50 Cent wants you to think lol). It was pretty astounding to see two Academy Award winning actors, Terrence Howard and Taraji P Henson, going for the small screen. However, they wouldn't have the same success as Matthew McConaughy in True Detective. Holy crap did they cram a lot into the first episode. Great dramas slowly unravel the layers of their character's stories. The premiere episode shoved a whole season's worth of storyline into one hour. I'm not sure how they're going to maintain that pace. I'm going to be exhausted! It is beautifully shot although clearly with a gay man's aesthetic lol and the music is amazing thanks to Timbaland. There is a gay character, which for an all black cast is unheard of, and I like that Lee Daniels drew from his own personal experience. I'm going to keep tuning in in hopes that it doesn't completely derail.

Girls - We're now in Season 4 of HBO's Girls and our four leading ladies are on different paths. Jessa still seems to be lost, Hannah is moving to Iowa for grad school, Marnie is working on her singing career and Shosh just graduated NYU (like me!). The first episode just sets up the season ahead. The main focus was Hannah with the opening being her parents toasting to her. Her toast them totally cracked me up because it was such a narcissistic 20-something toast. I watch Girls for the conversation it drives and to remind myself that I'm glad I've moved beyond that narcissistic, selfish phase of 20-somethings (or so I hope).

Togetherness - A new HBO original from the Duplass brothers, whom I adore. So many shows are popping up around struggling marriages but this one is more warm and light-hearted. I love the cast and not too much has been revealed about the characters so it's pacing the drama. The brother and friend move in to make for some adventures.

Man Seeking Woman - FXX's take on a modern romcom (i.e. it's totally bizarre). FX has been rolling out some pretty great originals. Man Seeking Woman takes on the absurd world of 20-somethings by putting in a absurd perspective. Just alone in the pilot episode the main character goes on a date with a troll, Gorbachaka, and then later we find his ex is dating Hitler (yes, that one) who is 126. It sounds bizarre but it works... at least for me. What turned it away from being a bro comedy (like all bitches be trolls) was the end where he has a polite conversation with a girl on the subway and gets her numbers. He starts getting calls that he won a genius award, Obama calls to congratulate him kind of showing that the old fashioned way of just being nice and striking up a convo is not forgotten or appreciated. I'll be tuning in!

Mad Dogs - Following the success of TransparentAmazon released a heap of other originals. Mad Dogs is based on a UK show starring my man Romany Malco and other famous faces about four 40-something friends in Belize. Immediately you find out the one friend who retired in Belize is leading a shady lifestyle. There's a very dark twist at the end that makes me not to keep watching. If you're not easily grossed out or scared then perhaps you can stomach it more than I can.

Shameless - The Gallagher's are back! Such an under appreciated show with an amazing ensemble featuring TWO of my favorite tv couples. It is now the summer time (which is my favorite because it is more skin). We see the two oldest, Fiona and Lip, actually being monogamous and grown adults. Sure that won't last. Ian and Mickey are doing the couples thing and raising a baby. Viv and Kev are learning how to be their old selves with twins. I love Kevin as a dad! So crazy to see the two youngest as teenagers now. The first episode was relatively calm but I know it won't last. Can't wait to see what chaos ensues!

Fashion Police - E!'s Fashion Police returned after the passing of Joan Rivers with Kathy Griffin as the new host. It's a guilty pleasure! Let's start with the good... I liked the new set. I like the panel but I thought Brad Goreski would bring more fashion insight. George would talk about the designer's inspiration, why the stylist may have chosen that look, etc. Brad just send fun gay things. Crazy to say but it became an even cattier show. At least with the old Fashion Police I felt like I caught up about the fashion world whereas this new version is about who would bang who. I'll keep recording and see how it goes... but not holding my breath

What new shows are you tuning into?


  1. I watched Man Seeking Woman too. It was so weird, but definitely left me wanting to see more. I love the cast and guests. I also can't wait to finally watch Togetherness. I'm very behind on TV!

  2. I haven't seen any of these shows. Kathy Griffin is going to make a great host of Fashion Police, she is so funny!

  3. @Kerry get on it!

    I just feel like Fashion Police has become more snark than fashion critique.. if that's possible lol

  4. @Christina It is so bizarre but I'm loving it. This past week's episode about texting... my stomach hurt from laughing!

    Let me know when you watch Togetherness since you're married hehe

  5. @Sherin oh that's a bummer :/ haha I haven't gotten into Arrow. I did watch The Flash a little bit.


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