January 21, 2015

#DatingGirl: 5 Types of Guys You'll Find on Tinder

Unfortunately Danny Castellano is not one of them

Tinder is a dark, dark, dark place. READ THE PROFILE! Sometimes the freak is hidden in the very last line in a very long About Me description. Or sometimes the freak is hidden by a somewhat normal seeming photo and then they message you. I've learned new slang that I did not wish to know... ever (thanks Urban Dictionary). You may even see some sipping straws. For my latest Dating Girl post, I'm breaking down five guys you will run into on Tinder. Hope over and share your experience!


  1. Online dating is exhausting. The ones who act like good guys then message you creepy things is the worst!

  2. @Kerry haha omg Tinder is horrifying. I've had to look up certain terms and let's just say I wish I had never known :x


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