December 1, 2014

MMG: Thanksgiving Recap

My cousin Erin & I wearing the same outfit, even down to the combat boots (not pictured) // My place setting was easily identifiable // Delicious vegan pumpkin pie!
Bright and early Thursday morning I headed down to Jersey. There was a lot of hub bub about snow so I think it scared most people away Wednesday night. Thursday we hit no traffic leaving or coming back - Thanksgiving miracle! It would be my first successful vegan Thanksgiving. You may recall last year I cheated a little. This year, my cousin Erin (pictured above wearing matching outfits) who is vegetarian, made a lentil loaf. My mom graciously made several vegan items for me so I had my own personal menu. The vegan pumpkin pie was exceptionally delicious (as you can see, I ate a piece before I bothered to snap a pic lol). Now I have all these leftovers to myself...

We had our traditional family trivia game hosted by my father who I coined "Steve Jobs" for his wardrobe. We made it a boys versus girls under false pretenses! My father, who makes all the questions ahead of time, said that it would work but there were at least 2 categories that were boy heavy (college sports and Harley Davidson...). The boys won but we did get two perfect scores. My father prides himself on his categories so I'll share them with you - Serial Killers, which included "cereal" questions lol and "V is for..." which were all women who were vegetarians. Hardy har har.

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Lindsey - Thrift and Shout

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  1. ha! i love the trivia catergories! i can't wait til my nieces/nephews grow up so we can do stuff like that. right now it's too crazy!

  2. I totally wish my family would play trivia together! So fun!! We are all to competitive to play well together!! haha

  3. Aw you ladies look beautiful. Glad that you had a great Thanksgiving with your family!!


  4. Sounds like a great Thanksgiving with your family! I've been all about the combat boots recently too!! You two look co great in your matching outfits!

  5. It sounds like you had a lovely Thanksgiving! Also, I love that your family plays trivia- so fun!

  6. The trivia gave sounds fun, and his categories are hilarious. Glad it was a great day without traffic!


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