December 29, 2014

Christmas Weekend Recap

I'm back! I have somewhat safely returned back from my whirlwind week in California. Let's just say it starts with me losing a bag and ends with me getting a cold. Before even getting on the plane, the wheel of my bag broke. I decided to check it so I wouldn't have to drag it through the airport. Bad idea. There was no bag when I arrived. (P.S. My laptop was in it). I filed a claim and United said it may be on the next flight out. I frantically checked my phone and nothing. Went to bed seriously thinking I'd never see my bag again. Restless, I woke up at 2am to see an email that my bag was out to be delivered. THANKFULLY by 3:30am my bag was at the door laptop and all. That's all I wanted for Christmas. My Dad said it restored his faith in humanity lol.

Christmas morning my sister and her family came over to open presents. The boys get double the load - lucky them. I got an assortment of Yankees clothes and beauty products - a very Kim pile. The rest of the week was putting in quality time with my sister and nephews whom I don't get to see very often. I do miss white Christmases but apparently it was the same temperature in California as in New York all week. I did also manage to squeeze in time to meet up with Leeann (my former Monday Morning Gossip host!), which was nice.

And it wouldn't be a holiday without sickness! It started with my brother, then my nephew Zach, then my Dad, then baby Liam (who is also teething so he was miserable - poor guy), and now me. I was fighting all week trying to avoid Patient Zero, 1 and 2 (as we called them) but flying today my throat is terribly sore. BAH HUMBUG!

How was your holiday break?

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