December 12, 2014

DIY Holiday Wrapping Ideas

I have been getting into the crafting spirit this holiday season. I always try to reuse and recycle items I already have before buying anything such as using my beauty boxes. In case you're still looking for some wrapping inspiration or affordable ways to jazz up your gifts, I thought I'd share my ideas with you:

Ornaments - I've been seeing so many cute ornament ideas on Pinterest. It's a nice touch to your holiday gifts. I simply purchased an assorted ornament set from my local drugstore and tied them on with yarn. You can also tie on a gift tag like this DIY I've shared before.

Pom poms - This idea was generously taught to me by my coworker who is WAY more craftier than I am. But if I can do this, then you can to! Here's a quick tutorial:
What you'll need - Yarn, scissors and a hard surface to wrap on. Forks are ideal for small pom poms. For bigger ones, I used a cell phone case cover. Something it can easily slide off of.
Step 1-2: Hold down end of yarn and begin to wrap. Wrap yarn around object until it's about 2" thick (wrap more than you think you would need) and tightly.
Step 3-4: Gently slide the gathered yarn off the object and onto a piece of yarn pre-cut. Tie that piece of yarn around TIGHTLY. Once again, tighter than you think possible. Very key to keeping all the yarn together.
Step 5-7: Begin to cut the yarn exposing it free. Cut all the way around avoiding the 2 ends of the string you tied on in Step 4 (that's how you'll tie it onto the gift). It will look uneven and funky at first. Then feel free to hack away and even it out. Best to do this over a garbage can - it can get messy. While doing this, I recommend shaking it out and fluffing it to make sure it's the size you want. Best part of this project is that you really can't screw it up lol.

I had so much fun with these that I even made ninja turtle versions for my nephews! I simply printed out some masks (Google it folks!), cut them out and glued them onto the pom poms with Elmer's glue. Voila!

How are you wrapping your holiday gifts this season?


  1. OMYGOSH THE NINJA TURTLES!!! That is so FREAKING cute! I can't stinking stand it! I also love the Christmas ornaments tied up as well.


  2. So cute! I love the ninja turtles! I might make some of those pom poms for my cats. :)

  3. These are fantastic! Thanks so much for posting this. Seriously, too cute. (and easy!)

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