November 22, 2014

My Favorite Beauty Products $10 And Under

Third edition! Each week this month I'm breaking down my favorite beauty products at different price points. We're now entering the more "reasonable" prices with products ranging from $10-5 dollars. Hope you find something new to try:

L'Oreal Voluminous® Original Mascara in Dark Brown $7.29 -  This is my "daytime" mascara that wear pretty much everyday. I find that black mascara creates too dramatic of a look for me to wear to the office so I prefer a color closer to my natural eyelash color.

POND'S® Evening Soothe® Wet Cleansing Towelettes $5 - I reviewed these 3 years ago and I'm still a fan. Many cleansing cloths can dry out or not to that great of a job removing makeup on your face. These are some of the best drugstore ones you can buy.

Duri Cosmetics Rejuvacote $9 - Pretty sure you're all sick of me raving about this product on the blog lol Depending on where you get this product it can cost around $9.

Dove Deep Moisture Body Wash $8.99 - A consistent product in my shower especially during the shower. Dove has always been a staple for me because of my sensitive skin.

Zoya nail polish $9 - Had to get a nail polish in there! I love all brands of polishes but Zoya is especially great because they're toxin free.

What products do you love at $10?


  1. I'm an absolute fan of Ponds...and yes, only the evening soothe one. It's my favorite of all. :)

  2. I love using ponds cold cream. Especially in the winter when my face gets so dry. I put more on at night. And during the day under my make up But not to much because it will make my face to shiny. But it's a great product.

  3. I want to try that mascara and the ponds wipes! I have a lot of favorites under $10- I am still a big fan of the maybelline foundation stick and my oil of olay night cream!

  4. yes that is also a must for me! Definitely have to not overuse it as it can make your skin too oily
    @Jackie Peters

  5. that stick started to make me break out :/ Definitely try the wipes!

  6. @Selma of course - they smell so good!

  7. Do you have any other ideas for dry skin and oily skin? @kimberlee

  8. @Jackie Peters the Julep mask is good! You can put it on over your regular moisturizer or alone. I like it with a serum personally


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