November 11, 2014

Why I'm A Tea Drinker

Tea has always been important in my life. We have tea time in our family. The women in my family drink tea several times a day. Drinking tea is how we deal with many things lol. Tea time had a social component but as I've gotten older, it also has health benefits.

Here me out coffee people! I know 90% of you reading this are coffee drinkers (not an actual statistic) but may I try to persuade you the tea community. I know so many people with coffee addictions and there are so many quips on social media "Don't talk to me until I've had my coffee." However, tea offers more benefits to your body. If you're looking for caffeine, tea has it. It is just in a more "gentler" form than coffee. It is easier on your body to digest. Not persuaded yet, then let me highlight three benefits:

1. Clear your skin. Tea is high in oxygen radical absorbance capacity (“ORAC” to its friends), which help destroy free radicals (which can damage DNA) in the body. Good skin starts with what you put in your body. I grab get gorgeous® from Republic of Tea when I'm having a bad breakout.

2. Detox. Skip the unhealthy juice cleanses and grab for a hot cup of tea.  When my digestion gets out of whack, I grab for EveryDay Detox® Lemon. Two or three cups later, I feel better. Tea is gentler on your body's system than coffee but also be sure to use natural sweeteners like honey.

Freshly picked green tea leaves

3. Antioxidants. When I visited China, we went to a green tea house where we learned about all the amazing wonderful benefits of green tea. Green tea is full of antioxidants called catechins; a subgroup known as EGCG may ward off everything from cancer to heart disease. It is recommended to drink one cup of green tea a day to help improve your body's health.

Are you tea drinker? Why do you like tea?


  1. I'm a tea drinker too. I can't stand the taste of coffee, not even in baked goods or chocolate.

  2. I LOVE tea and i am an old school tea "g" as well and especially as of late since i gave up my starbucks chai but not my craving for the warm comfort, I consume a whole lot more. right now i am in a seasonal tea mode, so gingerbread and the like but i drink it all.


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