October 22, 2014

Year of Veganism

I like to think of this blog as a personal one so I like to step away from the fashion to discuss personal things. I'd like to talk about my journey towards veganism as you may be considering it yourself. I know reading other people's journeys helped me. For those who may be not be aware, a vegan is someone who does not eat any animal products (meat and dairy). It may sound like an impossible task but it's actually easier to than you may think. My journey began unconsciously. I didn't say "Today I'm going to be a vegan!" However, it is something I've wanted to do but thought it was too difficult to do it. It was even on my list of 26 Things To Do By 27. 29 is close enough, right?

At my last job, all of my coworkers were vegetarian and one was vegan. Just by eating lunch with them my eating habits improved. After about a month, I was feeling the benefits. I wondered why I was feeling healthy and my body wasn't acting up. OH, I was eating better foods! I was already about a month in so I decided to face the biggest challenge - family.

I have been vegetarian for many years growing up because I'm an animal lover and was horrified to think we were eating them. Goes to show you how little education there was about veganism then. My cousin, Erin, was a vegetarian and got mocked insistently by my family. Especially by my father who called her a "vAgan" (mispronouncing the word purposefully). After feeling good for 2 months or so, I decided to have a meat free holiday. A few moan and groans from the family but they obliged. I got the usual questions many people ask when you say vegan, "why?" "how long?" "is it just for health reasons?" Haven't lost any weight. No it wasn't to "diet." Vegan is not actually a diet fad. You can eat many fattening things such as sugar as a vegan. There are also MANY reasons to become a vegan. Don't like climate change? Don't like the cruel and unusual punishment of animals? Want to feel healthy? Do you realize what unhealthy shit is in your food? Something for everybody.

After successfully having a meat free holiday (but did have cheese), I set my sights on cutting out dairy. This was the most difficult because I'm a big baked goods lover which was eggs, milk and butter. I slowly started baking vegan treats and finding comparable tasty treats. I had cut out straight up milk because it was affecting me. As I cut it out of my foods, I realized how much it bothered my stomach. (I won't go into details). Yes, I've had my "cheat" days. Just like any time you try to break a "habit," you have slip ups or you learn "oh hey that has milk in it!" Problem was in the past I'd punish myself. If I slipped up then I'd like be "oh well I guess I should just go back to meat." You have to learn not to beat yourself up. It's a constant journey and education. You learn what you like to eat (I personally am not a fan all the 'replacement' styled foods) and learn what those crazy science words means in the ingredients section.

Don't live in a "liberal" city like New York? Yes, living in New York City makes it super easy to be vegan. There's a restaurant around the corner that is entirely vegan. The best way is to make your own food and avoid packaged goods. Some people have done the The Whole30® challenge where you slowly eliminate items out of your diet eventually being completely raw. That could be a great way to ease into it. I would also talk to people. I've had so many conversations with people about veganism. Everyone knows someone! My friend's email me delicious recipes. My mom is trying her own recipes. It's snowballed into everyone asking about it, like I'm the resident expert lol.

Now about a year later, I can happily say that I feel great. It is definitely something that I'll be sticking with. I hope I wasn't too preachy with this post. Just something I wanted to talk about this goal I've had for so long and how it feels to finally be living it. So take that Dad - your daughter is a VAGAN! lol So tell me...

Would you ever consider veganism?


  1. Cool! I have always wanted to subscribe to one of these boxes but I am a bit of a cheap A. This looks awesome though, I would totally use all of these I think~!

  2. i have been a pescatarian for almost 15 years and because my wife has been vegan for the last year or so and i eat whatever she cooks, i have enjoyed that as well.

    because i am dealing with a familial history of heart disease i have recently converted to veganism and leaning more towards raw vegan. i am using dr esselstyn's work as a guideline

    i wasnt surprised by how i feel, which is pretty awesome, as i have been raw before.

    good for you to have found something that works for you and side note: this is your space, don't feel a need to apologize for sharing what matters to you ;)

  3. wow that's another level of subscription boxes! loved all your products! that Vince Camuto fragrance sounds divine!!!

  4. This is so interesting- while I'm not vegetarian or vegan, there are SO many health benefits to eating more whole foods. Get out of the middle aisles of the grocery store and stock up on produce!



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