October 27, 2014

MMG: (Insert Title Here)

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I should start calling these posts "Kim watches a lot of TV." The weekend is really my time to catch up on my shows so that's mostly what I have to talk about (sorry!). Gilmore Girls was released on Netflix earlier this month and I've been binge watching. Finished re-watching Season 1. Really miss the show. The rest of the weekend was the usual. I did shop for my Halloween outfit though because my office decided we should all dress up. Pressure's on!

Saturday night Jim Carrey hosted SNL. His hosting job in 1996 is still etched in my memory ("You're too far in the deep end!") so I had high hopes. It wasn't the best hosting gig but also not the worst. My favorite was the Matthew McConaughey Lincoln car commercials.

Say hello to this week's Featured Blogger, a Cali girl! (Starts humming "I wish they could be California girls":

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  1. I love Gilmore Girls, and I was sad to hear that I missed Jim Carey on SNL. :)

  2. I always watch my favorite shows over again. Happy Monday.

  3. The Lincoln car commercials is really good. I spend my weekend catching up on emails.

  4. I've basically ignored all other shows and watched Gilmore Girls. I'm on season 5!


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