October 6, 2014

MMG: Funny Ladies & Brunch

Sorry, I try to come up with clever names. This weekend it dropped down to the 50s and definitely signaled fall was here. October is my favorite month - fall weather, cozy sweaters, smell of pumpkins, leaves changing and my favorite holiday, Halloween! This weekend I watched two funny ladies that I'm a fan of. First, I finally got to see Jenny Slate's movie Obvious Child. It was a charming indie rom-com (i.e. slightly mocking rom-coms) that broached a heavy topic. If you're okay with the subject matter then I recommend it. Sarah Silverman hosted SNL this week. I liked the tribute to Joan Rivers, no one else could do it except Sarah (or Kathy Griffin). My favorite skit was short-lived soap opera "Supportive Women" lol it's exactly what it sounds like (i.e. the opposite of The Real Housewives).

Sunday I met up with Alex for Delayed Missives for brunch. We hadn't seen each other since my birthday! Great to catch up and take outfit pictures (stay tuned!).

Meet our lovely Featured Blogger this week who we can all envy for soaking up the sun in Florida right now:

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  1. I'm glad you had a good weekend! That's such a great photo of you. You're so beautiful!

    Amy @ http://nystateofmind5.blogspot.com/

  2. @Amy aw thank you, you're too kind :)

  3. Sarah Silverman is hilarious! Perfect choice for SNL host. That french toast looks amazing!

  4. I missed Sarah on SNL this weekend- but it's on my DVR and I neeeeed to watch it!


  5. Besides flubbing her lines quite a few times, I thought Sarah was pretty great on SNL. Her Joan was perfection! I loved the supportive women soap too. :) I need to watch Obvious Child asap. I didn't realize it was already out!

  6. @Christina it was On Demand... not sure if it was on Netflix yet. Yes, she was great!

  7. @Kerry yes, surprised it was her first time

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