October 13, 2014

MMG: Catching Up

Friday night after work I headed to campus to a workshop about P&L statements. I lead such an exciting life... I know. This weekend was pretty cold and rainy so I was happy to stay snuggled up inside. Saturday I was so excited to have Bill Hader back at SNL. He was one of my favorites. He did an amazing job. STEFON! Need to see his movie with Kristen Wiig, The Skeleton TwinsASAP!

Sunday I met up with Laura whom I hadn't seen since my birthday to celebrate her birthday. We went to Qi and devoured many cups of green tea ice cream lol. It was good to catch up since we hadn't seen each other in so long. Today I don't really have off for work as I still have to post and monitor things on social media (social media never stops). But it is nice to work from home and hopefully can finish up my presentation for Wednesday's night class.

I had the pleasure of meeting this week's Featured Blogger in person this summer and she was delightful - say hello!

Christina - Easily Entertained

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  1. Working from home means pajama's and Netflix so that is a win in my book.

  2. Staying in in cold rainy days are the best! You're not boring! Sounds like a good weekend to me. :)

  3. I looooove green tea ice cream, and now officially have a craving for it at 6 a.m. Ha!


  4. Yum! Green tea ice cream is so good. I got to see Gone Girl this weekend. it was gooood!

  5. @Kerry woop woop! Need to watch 'Gilmore Girls' on Netflix ASAP

  6. @ElleSees.blogspot.com Loved Herb Welch hehe


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