October 16, 2014

My Trick For Making Mascara Last Day All

A pet peeve for all women is their mascara flaking and smudging by the end of the day. I know I struggled with this for awhile. I played with mascaras and tricks and finally settled on a routine that works for me. I think part of it is the formula of the mascara you choose and part the application. As mascara can be very personal and every woman has a formula that works for her, I'm going to talk about application. Here's what I do: 

Step 1: Prime. I enjoy this LORAC Special Effects mascara as it's a 2-in-1. You don't have to use one that is white but I like it since you can see it when applying a black layer.

Step 2: Lengthen. Some mascaras have thick brushes for volume, others are thinner bristles for separating and lengthening lashes. I also do this mascara on the back side of my lashes. It's my trick that helps make it last longer.

Step 3. Volumize. Benefit's They're Real is one of the best long-lasting formulas out there (imho). My eyes are very sensitive to non-waterproof mascara and this does not affect them. It also doesn't dry or flake after being on all day. Warning: It is difficult to remove but if you're looking for staying power then this is going to be the price you pay.
Results: Top - 7:30am heading out to work // 8:30pm - coming home

Excuse my tired eyes. The makeup may mostly be faded but as you can see... mascara going strong at nearly 9pm!

Do you have a trick for making your mascara last all day?


  1. You know, I got my Birchbox a few days ago and I still have opened it yet! Just took your survey!

  2. @Nnenna oh that's odd. I think I did get it though so thank you :) Omg I rip open my Birchbox lol

  3. I love how many brands get involved every year. Those lip glosses are the prettiest.

  4. I haven't used a lash primer in years, but They're Real! is seriously the best mascara in the world. I've never had a better one.

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  6. Oh good, I'm glad it went through!

  7. I definitely need to get a primer!


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