October 1, 2014

DIY: NYC Hand-Painted Leather Clutch

Before - very elegant and simple

When I got my Popbasic Paloma clutch, I knew immediately I wanted to add some flare to it. I had been seeing the cool embossed Zara clutches with fun phrases. I kind of wanted a more New York vibe to mine. Here's what I did:

Leather paint // Stencil letters // Tape (paint tape recommended) // Recommended brushes but a rag will do

Supplies cost me around $20 but that's Manhattan. I'm sure you can find more reasonable prices at your local hardware store. The most difficult part (for me) was finding paint that would adhere to leather.

Step 1: Clean off your bag with soap and water to prepare it for the paint. Tape off the area  you want to paint and line up the stencil (ruler recommended). Once again: paint tape recommended.

Step 2: Paint area. Wait an hour between coats. The neon yellow striped took 3 very generous layers.

Step 3: It is recommended to add a finish. It will help keep the paint from chipping. Wait... once again.


Not quite what I envisioned but still cool. The neon yellow was difficult to build up on the gray. Also made a few mistakes but guess that's what makes it feel personal. I recommended not using paper stencils and paint tape for more accurate lines. And lastly, you'll need lots of patience. It will take you all day between drying periods.

What DIY have you done lately?


  1. Love this whole idea. You can go back over it with a thin brush to even it all out. But still a great DIY project.


  2. You did such an amazing job on the DIY.

  3. @Sherin thanks :) I was quite pleased with myself lol wanted to do it for so long but had to hunt down the paint and find a day to just wait around

  4. Thanks @heather :) Yeah... although I kinda like the flaws. Makes it more personal.


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