September 3, 2014

My #NYFW Survival Kit

New York Fashion Week begins today! It's like back-to-school for the fashion industry. I have been attending since 2010 and have solidified a "survival kit" that I pack after making some mistakes in the beginning. Here are my recommendations for what you'll need to survive Fashion Week:

- Necessities: Band-aids, tissues, snacks, change of shoes if you're wearing heels. Cannot tell you how much standing you'll be doing unless you're Anna Wintour who can happily walk in 5 minutes before a show and sit. Also, lots of snacks! Especially if you have a full day. You'll thank me.

- Business cards. You'll be doing lots of networking so make sure you have some business cards handy.

- Back up technology. Bring extra batteries for your camera. Charger for your cell phone and all devices. It will be impossible to find an outlet so make sure you use each device sparingly. I plan on using my trusty Intel Tablet to help save battery life on my phone. The powerful Intel® processor gives you all the performance, agility, and speed you need. And with 64-bit processing available, built-in security, and outstanding battery life, it's the kind of tablet performance you can count on for all your Fashion Week needs. See how photographer, Paul Souders, uses his tablet.

- Cold medicine. I swear, every fashion week season I get a cold. I think because I'm stressed and doing more than my usual so my body becomes more weak. Now I always carry some cough drops with me and stock up on cold medicine. This is my thing... but could be something you should be prepared for.

Also, check out what 7 other bloggers have to say about the 'real' Fashion Week.

What would you include in your Fashion Week kit?

#spon: I'm required to disclose a relationship between our site and Intel. This could include the Intel Corporation providing us w/content, product, access or other forms of payment.


  1. This survival kit is on point. LOTS OF SNACKS. Also thankfully since it's summer i like to be able to carry around a pair of sandals to switch out of my heels. esp for those long days.


  2. Sounds like you're ready for fashion week hun! Have fun and hope you share your experience with us :).

  3. I skipped LFW last season, but before that my essentials always included flats and a fully charged camera. Oh and snacks in my bag for the whole day.

  4. Major yes to Kind bars! Hope I run into you, but if not let's plan a fall brunch!

  5. @Corina Ramos I shall although it will be limited because I'm working full time


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