September 30, 2014

My September Beauty Product Favorites

Fall is finally upon us here in New York City and that means it's not only time to switch out your summer wardrobe but also your beauty products. Colder temperatures require a different type of skincare routine. Here were my favorite beauty products I tried this month:

Kiehl's Calendula Deep Cleansing Foaming Face Wash $29 - Really enjoy Kiehl's products as they're all natural and great for sensitive skin. It's an all-in-one type of cleanser that washes away impurities, such as makeup, while also cleansing the skin. It does have a strong smell but it didn't effect my skin when washing. It also goes into a rich lather which I enjoyed.

Glowology Hand Balm $12 - Been enjoying these but haven't featured them on the blog. Were part of my Back-to-School Giveaway. Comes in 4 scents.

Essence of Beauty Lavender with Rosemary Oil Foaming Bath Soak $9.99 - I'm a big bath girl. This soak smells wonderful and is all natural so it's great for my sensitive skin. The Essence of Beauty line is sold exclusively at CVS.

get gorgeous® Herb Tea for Clear Skin $10.50 - Read about this on Beauty Fix's blog. I love tea and sensitive skin that likes to break out over the smallest thing so this seemed up my alley. My skin definitely seems more calm as I've been busy testing tons of my products and it hasn't had a break out. Woo hoo!

Garnier Color Styler in Blue Burst $7.99 - Favorite might be a slight exaggeration but this is the only blue wash-out hair dye I've found that has actually had any affect on my dark brown hair. You may remember my first intro to it. Then I hunted it down at the drugstore but then got a job and was worried it wouldn't be allowed so I left it alone. Then I recently did it and everyone at work loved it lol. It's clay based so it does leave your hair feeling... let's say coarse. It's definitely a different texture and it does wash out after ONE wash (not 3 like the box says) but if you're looking to just play with color with no commitment then I'd say this is the best option.

What products did you enjoy this month?

Disclosure: Some items featured in this post were sent to me for review. All opinions expressed are my own.


  1. Yes! Thank you. Have quite a few clothes that need to be hand washed, and some I am very nervous about washing. Now I can actually hand wash them, and not worry about them getting ruined in the washer.

  2. I've been wanting to try the Garnier color since you first talked about it. Is the box a one time application?

  3. @Christina no! Depending on how much you use, you can get about 10 uses. I am at about 6 and have used it very generously and there's still a decent amount left. Hope you try it! Thinking about trying some other shades :)

  4. Great picks!! I love the get gorgeous tea - such beautiful branding too!

  5. The herb tea for clear skin sounds lovely. I'll be sharing some product love on the blog later this week.

  6. I bought purple today! I'm glad to hear it's more uses than one. Thanks for the info! :)

  7. @Oh to Be a Muse yeah it tastes good and is good for you. Nice!

  8. @LaPetiteFashionista isn't it?! It's also tasty :)

  9. @Christina woo hoo - can't wait to see!


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