September 22, 2014

MMG: Crossing Off My To-Do List

This weekend was jam packed. Wanted to cross a lot off my to-do list and it was also in between my parent's birthdays. My dad is the 18th and my mom is the 24th so we celebrated this weekend. Saturday I got up bright and early to treat myself to a massage at Bliss Spa. I've been needing one for awhile. Sitting at a desk for 8 hours a day is hell on your body. Then I did some errands, homework and caught up on TV shows.

Sunday we had plans to walk the Brooklyn Bridge but the weather was kinda crappy so no one really had any desire too. My parents saw my brother's new apartment and then we went out for brunch. Then I got a work email so had to rush back home unfortunately. But I did miraculously witness a Giants victory.

This week's Featured Blogger has an unique blog name but it has a really cool meaning! She always has awesome food pictures and silly gifs. Say hello: 

Seterra - Quaintrelle

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  1. I have seen Bliss spas traveling before and I see their products in local stores. How was it?!

  2. Thanks for Co-Hosting! I love a good massage, and you are so right, sitting for 8 hours a day is so hard on your body. Sounds like a nice weekend!

  3. Fun weekend! Pampering, football, food and family. Sounds perfect!

  4. Ohhhh a massage at Bliss sounds heavenly right about now!



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