September 23, 2014

3 Fall TV Shows I'm Looking Forward To

If you know me then you know I watch a lot of television. There's a lot of great TV out there! There's not much room in my rolodex of tv shows for new ones but these are the shows premiering this fall season that I'm giving a chance:

Gotham - Netflix already staked claim in the streaming rights of this highly anticipated pre-Batman FOX drama before a single episode even aired. Promising, right? You don't need to know the franchise to watch but perhaps you would enjoy it more. The premiere was last night and felt it was not the best quality. They over did it on the music and there were some weird shots during the chase scene.

The Flash - CW has been doing fairly well in the super hero category lately. Arrow has gotten good claim and now I'm intrigued by The Flash. The CW is usually where I go for my guilty pleasures but this doesn't look too bad. And if all else fails, there's man candy to enjoy. The series doesn't premiere until October 7th.

Transparent - An Amazon original starring the amazing Jeffrey Tambor. The pilot is currently available and all the other episodes will be released the 26th. It's a great cast and beautifully shot. It's about a family and the twist is that the father, played by Tambor, is a transgender woman. I loved the pilot and can't wait for more episodes. Great to see more LGBT friendly program tackling such issues.

What shows are you looking forward to?


  1. I havent heard of any of these shows--maybe I've been living under a rock!
    I heard that the Red Band Society (I think that's what it's called) is good. I might check that one out

  2. We are supposed to watch Gotham tonight, I haven't heard of the other two yet. Maybe I will have to check them out!

  3. @Jenn oh man! There's been so much hype around Gotham lol

    I've heard bad reviews of Red Band Society :/

  4. @Nadine let me know... I wasn't a fan but everyone gave it praise.

    The Flash isn't until Oct and Transparent is on Amazon so you can watch as you want :)

  5. I've been so excited for both Gotham and The Flash. Heard great things about both. We've just gotten The Leftovers and Tyrant here in the UK too - both are great shows.

  6. I've heard so much about these shows-- I just hope I have time to watch!


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