September 8, 2014

The Fashion Week That Wasn't

I had every intention of going to Fashion Week this season. I love going! But perhaps it was overly ambitious of me to think I could attend shows this season with working full-time now and being back in school. I enjoy seeing the street style and the new inspirations designers have drawn from for the season. I was envious of everyone's hyperlapse videos on Instagram. But the weekends are my only free time which I honestly would rather spend catching up on homework and errands. Going to Fashion Week is like having another full-time job and I just couldn't bring myself to do it when I knew I had so many other things I needed to cross of my to-do list before the work week started. It just took me by surprise and perhaps made me realize that my priorities are changing. #fashiongirlproblems

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Excited to introduce this week's Featured Blogger, Jennifer, who has graciously supported the MMG community and is a fellow East Coast gal!

Jennifer - Going the Distance

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  1. always wanted to go, but i'm more of a beauty girl, so i like watching the shows online in my pjs!!

  2. Thanks for having me!
    Fashion week always looks like SO much fun! I have a friend who works for Vogue and her pics are always stunning!

  3. Girl you see how long it has been since I visited nyfw. I really want to go back soon, but I don't have the time with school and everything else.

  4. This was me last season. It was the first fashion week I'd missed in years. Then I realised that I ddn't miss the obscene queues for the jam packed/short shows and all the stress and chaos. It was so much easier having live feeds on in the background while I was working.

  5. Bummer you missed it but I think you did the right thing. Better to stay on top of the school work and make the week less stressful!

  6. Girl, scrap it this year and then plan for me to come visit next year and I'll come with! :) I've never been to fashion week (or NYC, for that matter) and would LOVE to come!


  7. @Ashley White haha you can totally come with! February might not be the most ideal as there are often blizzards lol but would love for you to visit my city :)

  8. @Kerry yeah I really had no interest in the extra stress

  9. @Sherin haha exactly. Thought I'd be so miserable missing it but I wasn't

  10. @thefatandskinny I KNOW! You gotta come back out hehe

  11. you can always go backstage :) I know beauty bloggers who just do the backstage coverage lol I think its more hectic back there. But watching in your pjs is fun!

  12. @Jenn it can be fun but it's a full time commitment to attend shows: take pics, write reviews, etc. But lucky for your friend!


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