August 13, 2014

Yay or Nay: Women in Boxers

The '90s are back! And I've been craving my tomboy ways. Aaliyah was always a style inspiration to me then and I'm still seeing her influence now (cough: Rihanna: cough). A style I liked but was probably a little too young to rock then was the boxers peeking over jeans look. Everyone wore their Tommy Hilfigers and Calvins a la TLC in their "Creep" video a la Halle Berry in Bulworth.

So what say you, should I dare? 


  1. I used to love that look! I always wore boxers around the house as pj shorts when I was younger. Remember Joe Boxer? And all the plaid ones....yeah....

  2. @Nadine haha yes I remember Joe Boxer #throwback

  3. I love this! The 90s are back, and it is so funny to me because it feels like yesterday.


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