August 11, 2014

MMG: That Time Your Hosts Met

Well not quite yet but tonight! Leeann is finally in my beloved city and tonight we're getting together along with a few other bloggers. Hopefully she's enjoying herself in the Big Apple. It will be nice to meet in person after all this time although I feel like I already know her such as shared loved of Eminem. She got to see him in LA and I'll be seeing him this weekend in Jersey! Here's what else I'm gossiping about:

Although I skipped this month's Julep Maven box, I couldn't pass up ordering the August birthstone polish, Claudia. It finally arrived this weekend. Sunday was National Lazy Day and I took full advantage (not that I ever need a holiday to tell me to be lazy on the weekends). But after an exhausting, tense week with job interviews (fingers crossed) I just wanted to crash on my couch and catch up on shows. I finished up Season 4 of The Shield. Glenn Close is a bad bish. Speaking of TV shows! I mention Sons of Anarchy a lot and follow the whole cast on Twitter constantly telling them I love the show. FINALLY someone responded and it was my crush, Theo Rossi!

Granted it was because I had corrected a spelling error lol but I'll take it!

Say hello to this week's Featured Blogger, a stylish momma:

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  1. Hope you have a blast with Leeann tonight. So cool Theo tweeted you back, grammer is important! ;)

  2. How fun! I love when I see other bloggers meeting!!!

    I wanted to order the August birthstone polish too! Is it totally worth it?!

  3. @Nadine it's very pretty but it's glitter so it's a pain to take off

  4. @Kerry haha glad he appreciates it :p Thanks!


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