August 5, 2014

My Target Beauty Haul Reviews

Whenever I find myself in the 'burbs I love to make a trip to Target (it's tough for us city folk) and that was the case during my recent Cali trip. I picked up a few staples such as L'Oreal's Voluminous mascara and eos lip balm but I also picked up some new items I hadn't tried. I thought I'd share my reviews in case you were thinking about picking them up yourself:

I've seen a lot bloggers talking about this Maybelline Face Studio™ Master Glaze™ that I was intrigued to pick it up. I went with Just-Pinched Pink for my fair skin. It glides on smooth but I found that the shade kind of disappeared once I tried to blend it. In full disclosure, I do have naturally rosy cheeks so don't typically wear blush. I like the formula and think the stick could be used other ways. Final thoughts: If you prefer a stick formula for your blush then pick it up.

You may have read that I've had some issues with Burt's Bees before. Lots of people have been raving about these tinted lip balms so I decided to give one a try. I picked up Hibiscus which is like a cherry rose color. The packaging is super adorable but I was still unimpressed with the formula. Final thoughts: Skip it.

I haven't tried a lot of Rimmel London products but hear good things. I did get to try their Scandaleyes mascara in an Influenster box this waterproof Kohl Kajal eyeliner in Nude caught my eye. I loved the color and thought it would be great as more of a highlighter to wake up eyes. Remember blue mascara?! This NYX blue mascara gave me such flashbacks to my childhood that I had to pick it up. I always wanted to believe that blue mascara would make my blue eyes pop more. It never seems too. Final thoughts: Love the eyeliner. Skip the mascara.

I'm a huge fan of Revlon's ColorBurst™lip balms. I had the lacquer balm in Vivacious which is a high glossy formula. I am searching for a great watermelon lip color (any suggestions appreciated!) so Unapologetic stood out to me but it was their matte balm formula. I have to say I much prefer the matte formula. The color is super pigmented whereas the lacquer talks a long time to build up. Final thoughts: If you want a bright pop then go with matte but if you want a more subtle tint then go with the lacquer.

What new products have you tried lately?


  1. Great reviews, babe. I cannot believe blue mascara is back, either. Total 90s flashback! :)


  2. I'm the same way. I basically only go to Target when I'm home in CA, which is like once a year! I think the last time I went home I went to Target like 5 times in one week, lol.

    I have the Rimmel Scandal Eyes liner in black and I love it too. Also, I wanted to ask you, do you have a drugstore liquid liner recommendation? I'm looking for one with like a felt tip or something similar that it will hopefully help me finally get the cat-eye look down!

    I have the Revlon matte balm in Standout and I love the formula so much. I've been meaning to try another one of the colors. I think I'll always choose matte over glossy!

  3. The L’oreal mascara is one of my favorites! I also recently picked up that L’oreal eyeliner and loved it.

  4. Huge fan of Rimmel Scandal Eyes in nude. I use it on my waterline, it does make my eyes more awake. I'm loving the Marc Jacobs Gel Foundation.

  5. @Ashley T good to know! I wanted a great teal to make my eyes pop

  6. @Ashley White lol right? And remember we did it in our hair? Oh man

  7. @Nnenna haha nice! I'll ask around since I'm not a big liquid eyeliner person.


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