August 19, 2014

DIY: Double Chain Link Hat

As soon as I laid eyes on this leather chain hat I fell in love. But it's $164! I knew I could DIY my own version. I found a snapback for $5.95 in the clearance section at Wet Seal. Then I went to my trusty MJ Trimming for the chains. They recommended I sew the chains in but since I'm not a highly skilled sewer I used safety pins. Here's what I did:

- Hat (of course)
- Scissors (or pliers depending on how thick the chain is)
- 2 flat D-rings
- Approximately a yard & 1/2 chain (that's what I needed for 2)
- Ribbon or material that matches hat
- 2 safety pins (or sewing materials)

Repeat steps 1-3 for second chain.


The Monster Tour was the perfect occasion to wear the hat!

Total: Hat $5.95 + Supplies $8.91 = $14.86 (saved $150!)

What DIY's have you done lately?


  1. Super fun DIY! :)


  2. Love your take on this. It's great that we can still customise some of our favourite trends. The original prince of the hat is ridiculous.

  3. Perfect concert outfit; I love the hat!

  4. @Sherin right? haha also the original one was probably too long for me (short girl) so this way I could customize it better


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