July 28, 2014

MMG: Star Wars Party

Getting in the spirit // Jacob with his Star Wars LEGO cake // Zach in the Ticket Blaster
I'm back! Technically I'm still in California... I have a flight this afternoon so depending on when you read this. Today I'm gossiping about my weekend in California with my sister and nephews. My oldest nephew, Jacob, and I have the same birthday (August 3rd) and since we live on opposite coasts we split weekends. So this weekend was his birthday festivities. He was turning 6 and wanted a LEGO Star Wars party at Chuck E. Cheese -- you're killing me kid! My party will be a little different lol. I did find an awesome Darth Vader shirt to wear for the occasion. He opted for the "Rockstar Package" and then was too shy to do everything so baby bro stepped up (he's fearless). But the kids had fun and that's all that matters.

After the party we went out to dinner to celebrate my birthday at Javier's since I wouldn't be seeing my sister but apparently I threw everyone off on Twitter & Instagram lol. It's still August 3rd folks... but getting the party started now. The rest of the weekend was helping my sister who is one week from her due date and READY for baby Liam to come out now. We had breakfast at Laguna Beach, got nails done and of course had to make a trip to Target. Unfortunately baby Liam didn't arrived so I'll be seeing him later in August when my sister comes to visit the East Coast.

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  1. The red Lego cake is awesome! I hope you had a great birthday celebration! And thanks so much for hosting.

  2. That cake is too cute! Chuck E. Cheese is so crazy, I am shocked you are still standing! Haha!

  3. How fun!! That cake looks yummie. Safe travels home.

    Best, Mree

  4. I'm in NYC too. Had a different kind of family-oriented wknd where I was just missing my fam. Details in the blog post I linked up here. Hope you check me out.
    Return safe!

  5. Looks like you're having a fun trip! :) Chuck E Cheese was my jam back in the day, haha.


  6. @Ashley White haha... I had never been to one. Quite terrifying :p

  7. @Mree thank you :) Happy to be back home.

  8. @Kerry lol me too. I mostly stuck to Skee Ball. I did have to take some Advil though :p


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