July 21, 2014

MMG: SOA Obsession

If anyone knows me they'll know I'm a die hard Sons of Anarchy fan. The show is off the air but they have been releasing teasers all month long and just released the premiere date for September. I screamed like a One Direction fan girl. To hold me over, I watched my boo's new movie, Theo Rossi (aka Juice on SOA), Meth Head. It's a heavy movie but he was shirtless so hey. Now that I know the premiere date - September 9th! - I have started to re-watch the show so I can watch all 6 seasons before Season 7 starts. I know... I'm crazy. I'm surprised Netflix hasn't emailed me like "you know we have other shows on here right?!" I don't care!

Later this week I'm headed to California to celebrate my nephew's birthday and see my very pregnant sister. Who knows, baby Liam may arrive! What are you up to this week?

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  1. ooh i'm so glad it's back in Sept! I thought Dec for some reason. Much better!!

  2. I really need to watch SOA. My friends all yell at me.

  3. I'm a total series junkie but I've never watched SOA. Maybe it's better for my own sake (and time management) that I don't get into it... :-)

  4. @Kiss & Make-up GET INTO IT! lol Definitely one of my top shows... ever

  5. @Maddie Baldassari haha good friends!

  6. @ElleSees.blogspot.com omg no I would die if it was December. It's typically the first Tuesday of September but they were hinting it might be later but thankfully it's following the other seasons :)

  7. Noooo don't be a bad influence on me! Don't enable! :-)

  8. I am getting so excited for the new Season. September needs to get here soon! Hope you have fun in California!

  9. Have to admit I haven't been keeping up with Sons of Anarchy... good show, though! Have a great trip and see you when you get back!


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